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According to the Annual Reports of Local Rabies Control Activities, Devore is #4 in the county for positive live releases. The figures for the County include the three shelters either owned or partially operated by the County, Devore, Big Bear, and Dog Days Inn. The three ahead of Devore are the more affluent communities in San Bernardino. Where there is money, there is more spay/neuter, more responsible pet owners. Considering what Devore works with, a 15% unemployment rate, this is actually amazing.

The City of San Bernardino, WHICH HAS AN ANIMAL COMMISSION, THE ONLY CITY IN THE COUNTY TO HAVE ONE, has a 25% live release rate whereas Devore has a 53+% live release rate. Now can you see that the activists have personal vendettas against Devore because otherwise they would be parked on the worse offender's doorstep, the City of San Bernardino. If they truly cared, which shelter should they choose to demonstrate at?

The City of San Bernardino euthanizes 75% of their incoming animals, don't they deserve the activists attention? Why Devore? Just ask yourself, why Devore? Why not the city and all the other agencies with lower release rates?



  1. Regarding the adoption rate at Devore.

    I hope you do not sponsor an adoption day like some shelters where animals are being given away for free or buy one get one free. This type of adoption reinforces the idea that "it is just an animal"; that animals are a cheap commodity.

    Irresponsible adoptions, such as free to a good home, has the potential of causing great harm and suffering to the animals.

    This type of "adoption" event shows callous disregard for the life of the animals. The goal is to "get rid" of the animals - as many as you can and as fast as you can, with no concern for their safety and welfare.

    Concerned citizens call newspaper ads when they see animals being given away for free. The individuals are cautioned that by giving animals away for free, the animals could end up being used as bait for pit bulls, as fodder for snakes, or could be subjected to a lifetime of misery.

    Please Devore. Be strong. Stand tall to protect the animals. Do not stoop to denigrating the life of animals by giving them away free to just anyone.

    I hope you will show that you care.

    1. Thank you for addressing the problem of irresponsible rescue and shelter adoptions.

      The reason motivating some shelters to give animals away for free, at a reduced price, or buy one - get one free, is MONEY. It is not about finding a responsible family who will make a lifetime commitment to caring for the new addition to their family.

      The reason motivating some rescue groups to "adopt" (sell) animals is MONEY - to pay their bills. It is not about finding a responsible family who will make a lifetime commitment to caring for the new addition to their family.

      For some shelters and some rescues, animals can be a source of revenue. Some rescues sell cute, purebred animals for over $300. Some shelters and rescues "use" a sick, hurt, injured animal for a fund raiser.

      Recently a national group sponsored a "contest" - the shelter which increased their "adoption" rate" (got rid of the most animals)won a prize. The prize, MONEY.

      Again, this contest does not emphasize finding good, permanent, loving homes or educating the new adoptive family about proper pet care. It is a numbers game. It is about who can "adopt" (get rid of) the most animals.

      How many of these animals are now out on the street because of an impulse adoption?

      How many of these animals are now abandoned because the new owners can not afford to care for them?

      Does anyone care what is happening to these animals?

    2. Agreed Anon, the quality of life means little to nothing for these following the "No Kill" movement. They chant Frankenstein, "They're alive!!" instead. Devore is participating in a national event and yes, the prize is money. I would be surprised that Devore develops the give away attitude although they are pressed to do so. Any Devore pets now are microchipped and if any end up where they shouldn't, Devore will be alerted and take appropriate measures.

  2. On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, people concerned about the Devore Shelter showed up in mass and some addressed the County Board of Supervisors. This meeting is available on line, but you'll have to find it, because I don't want to be responsible for the spreading of lies.

    As I watched the meeting and took notes, here are some of the suggestions these concerned had to say:

    Patti Lopez, Mission Viejo, (not a San Bernardino Resident), started off by comparing the number of kennels Devore has. She said Orange County has 450 kennels (a lie, I called and asked. They have only a couple of hundred,all out doors), Riverside County has 500 kennels (again a lie as presented. They have several hundred kennels at three brand new shelters (which cost $200 million dollars) and one of these shelters isn't even being used for animals. It just sits empty), Los Angeles County has 500 kennels (again a mis-representation, LA County operates 7 shelters throughout that county)

  3. (continued)
    Modesto County has 400 kennels (again a lie, I called and asked. They only have 180 at one shelter), and San Bernardino City Animal Shelter having 120-130 kennels (incorrect. They only have 87, they are not heated, they cannot afford to vaccinate the animals, they are asking for donations of cleaning supplies, and have a 75% euthanasia rate. Check some of the local rescues and see how many of the dogs they pull have distemper and have to be euthanized or die while under treatment. I spoke with a rescuer and they told me (right from the horses, I mean rescuers mouth about all of the sickness).

    Now Devore does only have 90 kennels, however they also have contracts, for which they have to pay for (not get paid from as some of these concerned citizens would leave you to believe) with different shelters throughout San Bernardino County. If you added up those kennels, San Bernardino County has over 600 available kennels.

    Now, Patty was saying how Devore was too small, but then wanted them to start a program where the community could 'sponsor' a dog to help keep it at the shelter. Wait a minute, the place is too small but you want them to keep 'sponsored' animals....I'm confused....

    Also, her best comment was that Devore should just pick up less dogs???? What happens when the dogs pack up and start acting in a pack mentality???? Oh, I forget, she doesn't live in San Bernardino County...

  4. Another 'excellent' speaker was Cheryl Beyer (from Mission Viejo, again not a San Bernardino County resident). I just loved her examples. One was a stray dog was brought to the animal shelter in labor. Now according to Ms. Beyer, they had a puller and a transporter at the shelter and Devore 'refused' to release the dog to them, so they could take it to a vet. Her story concluded, Devore took it to a vet and the dog was euthanized. Her last statement was that they 'don't know why' (I guess they don't know how to use the phone, call the shelter, and just ask).

    Another speaker was Denise Gregory from Monrovia (that's in LA County). She was concerned with rabbits and wants Devore to sell rabbits for $40. Now I called a couple of pet stores and rabbits are currently selling for between $5 and $10 dollars. I guess she would rather have people buy from pet stores than from the animal shelter.

  5. Thank you Anon and rest assured that these things will/have been presented. The activists think they can sling any old thing out there, hoping something will stick. They have become their own worse enemies.

  6. Then there was the apparent leader of this group, Christine Hazzlet. Better than her statement was the look on her followers eyes. It was like watching the Jim Jones movie or Helter Skelter.

    Then there was Nicole Mirickerson from Rancho Cucamonga (that is in San Bernardino county). I can't remember what she said, but she looked like she was just ready to cry.

    But no one topped Jessica Highlander from Los Angeles (again not a San Bernardino county resident). She babbled on about some dog that about to euthanized, had been sedated, and was 'yanked off the table'. But her best was 'doing fine now'. Oh wait, her very best was telling the Board of Supervisors that parrots are an endangered species and Devore broke Federal law. (I again called a few pet stores and found out that they too had parrots for sale. I guess they are breaking Federal law also).

    There were a couple of supports of this shelter, but they were just residents and as such, were boo'd by the Hazzlet gang as they tried to express their points to the Board of Supervisors.

  7. But one of the last speakers was Pat Bonam, an elderly looking lady (I think, although might have been Patrick if you know what I mean). She(?) kept telling the Board of Supervisors she(?) wanted to present evidence of Devore's wrong doings, but never did. I was really waiting, once she(?) said she(?) wanted to present evidence, to actually see something.

    But just as I have found after looking into most of the statements made by the speakers that day, the statements were as empty and dry. What the Board of Supervisors should have offered was a free ride to behavioral health, so they could talk to someone and get the help they truly need.

  8. You did misspell the names but that's fine with me, I'm not the internet spelling police. That happens to be one of the activists. (Inside joke) Nicole always has that look. If you go to the Superior Court website and follow to the Civil court for a name search, Myerchin, Nicole, you might see the reason why she looks like that. Sad really. I have to ask, has she found her hair brush yet?

  9. Yeah, if there is proof, then show it, what is the problem? I do presentation packages for the BOS when I speak at forum because you can't cover it all adequately in a few minutes. I just hit the highlights and refer them to the file/package/whatever. So either she is just uneducated/ignorant, or she has nothing to present. Again just throwing it against the wall hoping something will stick.

  10. BTW if ever you need the correct spelling of their names, those that spoke would be public record and just go check with the Clerk of the Board sitting at the end there. You have to fill out a slip to speak, so then it is public record and you can learn how to spell their names. That does come in handy sometimes.

  11. If Nicole Myerchin has the misfortune to be involved in some type of accident, I am truly sorry. But I was writing so fast and not wanting to miss anything, I guess I got the spelling wrong on some of them.

    But one observation that struck me very odd was Supervisor Neil Derry's statement that it did not matter where the people came from (I took that to mean the speakers from outside of San Bernardino County) what was important was that they were heard. What was surprising to me was how he seemed to side with them and dismiss the actual citizens of the community he serves.

    And on a side note, I have seen where some of these speakers have taken aim at Supervisor Josie Gonzales. They point out that she is running for re-election and is 'under investigation'. What they fail to mention is that Supervisor / Businessman Neil Derry (opps. I forgot the judge this week informed Derry that being a landlord of one house doesn't make you a businessman and ordered the title 'businessman' be removed from the ballot) is also running for re-election, had been under investigation, was taken to court because of that investigation, and plead guilty to a lesser crime as part of a plea deal. Anyone can be 'under investigation' but only Neil Derry (in this case) is a convicted criminal.

  12. Derry is drunk on that koolaid. Why I don't know other than the re-election thing. First of all, I have never seen anyone win based on the "pet" vote. Derry is making a big mistake and I wonder if John Ramos might want to become a reader of this blog.

  13. And yes, I did read about the judge informing Derry he is not a businessman. He's not an informed supervisor either if he is siding with the activists against Devore.

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