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Why do they do it? Anyone knows that you don't get people to buy with negative ads and the same applies with shelters. I have my own opinions as to why these activists are determined to kill the Devore shelter pets, I think they have hidden agendas.

This article pretty well sums it up. First an article by a man with absolutely no credentials in the humane community just takes the word of an activist, doesn't research, doesn't try to get the other side, just put his poisoned pen to the paper and wrote all the untruths.

Is Media Responsible for Shelter Animals Dying?

What is the role of media when it comes to animal shelters?

We know what that role should be. That role should be to support shelters rather than print stories that drive the public away. We think sensationalizing stories is American in nature. But what does it accomplish when it comes to animal shelters?

Recently a case came to light concerning an open door animal shelter that is being attacked unjustly. Rather than refer to the attackers as activists, which is a positive term, these attackers fall into the realm of terrorists instead. Their bullets are unfounded, false and fabricated accusations.

This particular shelter will be the example of how the media and these terrorists have been responsible for shelter pets having to die for their personal agendas. The Devore shelter is the only shelter owned by the County of San Bernardino, California. The Devore shelter serves an area that has been hard hit by the economy because it was already served a low income community.

In the County, there are 16 different animal control agencies other than San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control, SBACC. The numbers from Devore compare the same or better with these other agencies as well as the neighboring county of Riverside. Devore has been very fortunate over the years in that the Board of Supervisors have seen fit to accommodate the animal control budget, not forcing layoffs of valued animal control officers, not putting the community in jeopardy with losing those officers, and actually have increased the budget for Devore over the years. Economic factors do figure in when it comes to shelters.

Those in low income areas will have more impounds and fewer adoptions and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Devore does have over 90 approved rescues pulling animals out, and the key word is approved. Not all "rescues" flying the banner of "No Kill" are what they appear to be. A cat sanctuary in Florida just proved that case last week when over 500 cats were removed after a PETA covert operation was done. These cats were in horrible condition with many having to be euthanized to relieve their suffering. Many were found dead.

This is not an exception either.

Every week there are reports of private shelters, sanctuaries, and rescues being charged with animal cruelty and each one is flying the "No Kill" banner. http://origin.www.peta.org/features/caboodle-cat-ranch.aspx Devore has undergone several investigations based on these unfounded accusations and in each case, the end result supported that these were indeed unfounded. The Grand Jury has investigated more than once and it ended with Devore getting praised. A television reporter came unexpectedly at the request of these terrorists. This reporter ended up remarking that the kennels were warmer than his house and that Devore was one of the cleanest shelters he had ever encountered. An accusation of a dog receiving frostbite prompted this reporter to come to Devore. Devore has heated kennel floors, impossible for a dog to receive frostbite. The accusers have been repeatedly asked to provide proof of their accusations and as of this writing, none has been provided except for pictures taken by the accusers. No vet report of tests done to determine a diagnosis of frostbite. One vet has already said that it was not frostbite and he examined the dog. Now how does the media play into this at this point? An article by a person whose bio shows no experience in the humane community has been picked up by yet another publication, Pet Press. http://technorati.com/business/article/no-oscar-for-devore-in-san1/ Did the author of this piece take the time to research before writing an article that can mean animals dying? Doesn't look like it.

Then to have a publication that can reach the public and the humane community to print it without again researching, is even more disgusting. Spreading false rumors only mean more deaths in Devore or any shelter, something that is not the fault of Devore or those other shelters either. The media has to recognize that what they write can mean either a happy home or a needle for the shelter animals.

No man would place his family in a position to see cruelty, barrels of dead animals, instead he will bypass a shelter and go into the waiting arms of those very ones condemning the shelters. Could there be hidden agendas to these activists condemning Devore? It makes for more donations to have a story behind a pet, especially a bad story. Could there be hidden agendas with these attacks on shelters? Ask the question why aren't these attackers doing more to save lives instead?

The media can make or break a shelter. The media can either help to bring adopters to the shelter or they can push the public away from adopting at a shelter. It is a responsibility that the media needs to take very seriously before printing a story, especially one not researched prior to publication. We all know that sex and violence sells papers. In the case of animal shelters, negativity kills animals.

Research before publication, remember that at the end of the pen and paper, lives are at stake. Be part of the solution instead of making yourselves part of the problem. To learn the truth about Devore please take a moment to read this blog: www.DevoreShelterFriends.blogspot.com


  1. I've been reading this blog and there's enough here that has motivated me to contact my Supervisor and tell him to kick these terrorists to the curb. I love animals but I want my tax dollars to pay for children and the elderly in these hard economic times. I think these terrorists are wackos.

  2. Think I finally found "the" link to tie Naia/Strand to this dog breeder's "no kill" agenda:

    This link... http://www.nokillnow.com/Permit250.htm is an old defunct website that only has one link ("Home") that works on the menu.
    If you visit that website, it is an older website page of Patti Strand/Naia's org - yep.

    However - when you click on "Home" (from the defunct NAIA website), it takes you to the current www.nokillnow.com website.

    BINGO !

    And there is a bunch of smear postings against Devore Shelter on the current 'www.nokillnow.com' website.

    And the date at the bottom of this defunct website is 2003 - so the breeders have been trying to get their "no kill" agenda to catch on for at least 9 years - probably longer.

    Guess we can assume the source of the Devore smear campaign - and this entire dog breeder's "no kill" agenda - now.

  3. Understand that the true humane animal rescue community has, and always will have, a no kill MENTALITY.
    But this current frenzy of "no kill" being pushed by the man who claims to have all the answers is a dog breeder's agenda.
    Devore Shelter (I have no idea even what state yall are located in) is but one of NUMEROUS animal controls across the nation undergoing smear tactics by these no kill (dog breeders/allies) agendists who have one goal - to get the current shelter director fired - and replaced by one of their people - either a dog breeder or a dog breeder ally.
    Google the following:
    nathan winograd akc dog breeder
    Scroll and read just the headers of all of the dog breeders and breeder orgs who are recommending his book - and him.

  4. GOOD MORNING, NO KILL EXPOSED!!! Thank you for the comments. I can tell you who runs that website you mentioned.

    We're in LaLaLand, California.

  5. Shore must be an ally of Naia then?

    I found this on a search -

    SHORE, VIKKI C (Age 56)

    Associated names:


    Possible Employment / Business Associations:

    NO KILL NOW Legal Services



    Possible Employment / Business Associations:


  6. Shore is one of the biggest shrills for Nathan Winograd and we all know that he is in bed with the NAIA, the AKC and Rick Berman of the Center for Consumer Freedom. They all fight the only organizations we have that actually do bust cruelty. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which side of the fence NKE sits on, the one with the breeders trying to do away with any obstacles that stand between them and their pocketbooks. Another link for Shore is http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/09/appeal-to-possible-victims-of-vikki.html

  7. Naia/Strand appear on the California 2209-2010 Lobbyist List -



    Anyone ever actually physically seen this "Vikki Shore"?

    And - appears that Naia is also behind www.exposinganimalrights.com

    Contact Us - Exposeanimalrights.com
    111 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 2660. Portland, Oregon 97204. Phone: 503-761-1139 503-227-8450. Email: naia@naiaonline.org · executivedirector@naiaonline.org ...

  8. Oh yes, if you saw her you would not forget. She reminds me of Howdy Doody. We know that the "No Kill"ers stand with the breeders on issues, look at Petpac. PetPac pimps Nathan Winograd. http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2008/11/just-arrived.html

  9. I have been to that website - the "workingtohelpanimals" website - and whoever authors that blog ROCKS !! They don't mince words and tells it like it is.

    I'm surprised they haven't received a threatening legal letter too though - demanding that they remove the "negative" content - or be sued. A few others have received such letters.

    I know Randy DeCarlo claims he is being sued by NoKill Nation, Inc.'s Debi Day -

    You can read his blog http://squirrelsnnuts.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2012-01-01T00:00:00-05:00&updated-max=2013-01-01T00:00:00-05:00&max-results=11

    And Richmond, Va. Spca I think received two legal threats - demanding retraction/removal of something they posted in regards to the "Humane Society for Shelter Pets" (HSSP) - but you can read about that at this link

  10. People are slowly starting to catch on to what the breeder's no kill agenda is truly attempting to do (take over as many animal controls as they can across the nation) - and, I, for one, cannot wait until their house of cards falls down and they are exposed for who and what they truly are.

    I despise breeders - but especially deceptive ones.

    You notice how many "examiner.com" bloggers are out there pushing this no kill agenda?

    Google "examiner.com" and "no kill".

  11. That blog does ROCK!! Nathan Winograd does like to send out those cease and desist orders as his form of intimidation. Now that he has himself officially listed as a "public figure" if he does sue, that person can get help because it will be a SLAPP suit. I wish he would take that step, would love to see him racked over in court. Randy does a great job too and that is why he is being sued. Now Randy is disabled, has been rescuing for years, saving lives for years, and all he wanted was for No Kill Nation to show how they spent the money they collected for a specific event. They refuse, has to make you wonder why they refused. I have news for Mr. Winograd, we aren't backing down any more. We are coming out fighting.

  12. Now the biggie is when a breeder is busted or can't pass inspections, gets their license pulled, they become "rescuers" instead. The Vincent Bill in CA had that in mind because prior to the Bill, breeders would pull breeding stock from shelters. Who's gonna know? Purebreds look alike. Now all pets from CA shelters, open door and private, are supposed to be altered before leaving.

    Yes, the Examiner's are being taken over by these people. One examiner who writes about Devore, was a twice suicide attempt. She knew her dogs would be taken to Devore, a death camp as she says. But did she care that her own beloved pets would end up there when she made this selfish decision to kill herself? She was given every break on fees for her dogs. She was over the legal limits, a law breaker. Her dogs stayed in the shelter, taking up valuable space and other dogs had to die to keep her's there. Does she care? Nope, she condemns Devore after they did her all those favors. Waived fees, killed others so her's could live, and she condemns Devore for it. What a piece of crap she is. And many of those examiners are not any better if you do backgrounds on them.

  13. The way I tell if a self claimed "rescue" person is from the true humane animal welfare community is just by observing what they are saying. These nk agendists out their own selves just by the very propaganda they spew.

    Some major propaganda spewage is:
    Pet overpopulation is a myth.
    High shelter euth rates are the fault of the animal control directors - NOT the public, nor lack of spay/neutering, and Heavens, no, NOT the dog breeders.
    Spay/neutering actually harms an animal's health.
    Hsus is the devil.
    Peta is the devil.
    Aspca is the devil.
    If you disagree with them/no kill - then you must be
    a killing apologist.
    Spay/neutering actually increases shelter euth rates.
    And the sad part is that they have alot of the true humane animal welfare community fooled - I've tried, out here on the east coast, to tell them that ONLY dog breeders, animal users and their allies would have this kind of mindset.

  14. Yep, we have an examiner blogger here that appears to be Winograd's main mouthpiece on the east coast. She claims she is a rescue person - I have my doubts on what/who she truly is.

    I know California is a hotbed for lobbying and animal issues - and PetPac is still up and running? Did they just oust Hemby and continue on?
    There's also CARPOC too that is PetPac's red headed cousin.

    I was reading the nk'ers CAPA version that they are trying to slide by the public - and it actually has in there that an animal control director need not have any animal shelter experience - but IF they do, then they must show commitment, blah blah blah. Those nk Capa bills are funny if you just sit down and read through what all they say - and see what all they are attempting to pull over on the true humane animal welfare community.

    And these folks keep hollering that it's the Hsus and Peta who are deceptive. (lolol) Oh - and they try to convince folks that Hsus is a terrorist org - now THAT is funny.

  15. Oh yeah, it is easy to spot them once you are educated about the issue. I read Nathan Winograd's books, sickening, and they made no sense to me. Then I thought later, read them again with a breeder mentality. Guess what? Then they made sense. NKE only makes sense if you are a breeder.

    If you are on Facebook, look up Harve Morgan. He is very knowledgeable about this as well and puts up great links everyday.

  16. And yeah, I've seen all over online where Strand identifies her org (NAIA) as an "animal welfare organization".

    Dog breeders and animal users are NOT animal welfare orgs.

    lol talk about deception. And probably fraud - since they do solicit monetary donations deceiving the donating public into
    believing they are something they are not.

    And you hit it right on the head - the NK garbage does only make sense if you are a breeder. I hadn't thought about it like that.

  17. I know the one on the East Coast, a half baked scone wannabe. Have you seen these articles?



  18. A FB page that tells how the "equation" truly works. Or doesn't work, rather.


  19. Who else would love to know there is no pet overpopulation problem but breeders? Gives them more credibility to make more, dumping their culls at the shelters. Breeders love this movement, they have been waiting their entire lives for Nathan Winograd.

  20. Ya, I keep up with the "Opposing Views" posts - good stuff on those, as well.

    And yes, the east coast half baked mouthpiece. She and her nk cronies go county to county trying to fool the local media and public into buying their breeder's no kill agenda.
    Actually - there is one mouthpiece in South Carolina - and one in Georgia. The one in South Carolina was already threatened via Memphis county officials - to pipe down or risk legal action, I think.

    I don't think she is an examiner blogger though - but I know the one in Georgia is one. They both think they have everyone fooled.

  21. Aw, yes, Miss Valerie, another shrill. Thanks for the Facebook link, didn't know about that one.

  22. My opinion(s) - but I am leaning towards Akc behind the funding for Berman - and then Winograd is paid by Berman.

    Akc admitted awhile back that they were losing millions in doggie registrations - and I betcha this "no kill" ploy was hatched smack dab in Oregon - with the Akc mouthpiece herself.

  23. Here's some website banners you might be interested in using -


    It will help get the word out -

  24. This guy is out of Sacramento -


  25. Chap is a good guy, a retired military chaplain. He tells it like it is in Reno. Reno is about to fall it appears. The city is doing an audit and the new AC director they hired is not a "No Kill"er. Mitch Schneider, the former AC director, took an "early" retirement. Winograd paraded him around, always in his AC uniform. Now Winograd has no one to parade around and his bragging rights on Reno are almost at an end.

  26. Have you seen this website?


  27. The more the merrier I always say. The anti "No Kill" movement is moving forward. People are getting tired of the intimidation tactics used by Winograd and his cronies, and they are finally speaking out. Read comments on news articles and see that people are really fed up with this movement.

  28. The groups that are verbally attacking animal controls across the nation are NOT animal welfare activists - they are dog breeders and their allies. i.e. the dog breeder's "no kill" agenda. They are "claiming" to be animal activists - but what they're not telling people/media is about their Akc/breeder affiliations.

    That appears to be their MO - they swoop in on a local animal shelter, stir up as much chaos as they can, then start demanding that the city or county fire the Director - then they get their dog breeder/ally people hired.

    This is happening all across the nation - not just in California.

    Start Googling these "activists" with the words "Akc" or "Naia" or "breeder". You'd be surprised how many connections there truly are.

  29. The ones who aren't breeders are the gullible who are attracted to the movement for their own personal reasons. They don't accept that the only way "No Kill" makes sense is if you are a breeder. I think those are self medicating themselves on Prozac to keep from seeing the truth about it.

  30. I have just stumbled on to this site- after spending a lot of time looking at some of the rescue sites. I find some of the behavior by the rescue groups very disturbing. Very money motivated, or so it seems. I will continue to read your other posts, there are some interesting facts here that seem to be left out of other publishings. My question for now is - how does an ouside person, like myself tell the diffence between a group that is honestly just trying to network animals into forever homes from the groups who will only do so if the cash payout is big enough? I have a genuine interest in helping- and agree that MANY people are getting scared away from Devore by news stories. And you are correct- in the end, it's hurting the dogs way more than helping. I am planning a trip soon- but at first was hesitant as to whether or not this is a place I'd bring my children. After reading more, I think it would be perfectly fine but my initial impression was different. To be honest, after hearing so many awful things, it's odd to me that in some of the dogs intake pics, you can see a canister of treats, I've seen dishes for water on the floor, and now and then, the hand of an ACO patting a head. So maybe it's not all bad. Thoughts? How do I avoid wasting my time and energy with groups that are only looking for a paycheck?

  31. Anon:24, that's a tough question. My answer would be to solicit the advice of the shelter as to their approved rescues. Plus keep in mind that the county itself has a non profit. Those funds are used in several ways to get pets adopted such as support for the 48 outside adoption events they have a year in their specially equipped adoption wagon.

    Many rescues never enter a shelter, never pull a pet from the shelter, think that shelter pets are diseased. They take owner surrenders, pick of the crop, the rest are referred to the shelter, the rejects of these rescues. Some, a handful, of rescues only take from the shelters, never owner surrenders. Some do both. But most pick and chose those from shelters, they don't pick the pets they think could be euthanized by them. Therefore, they call themselves "no kill", not to be confused with the movement, "No Kill". "No Kill" as a movement is wrecking shelters, causing more than usual "kooks" to enter the humane community, and represents the distorted views of a vile little man. Don't be deceived by the term, it isn't what you might think.

    Anytime you hear a rescue saying good things about a shelter, that's the one you pick.

  32. Yep, and then there's the rescue groups who "cherry pick" at animal controls - only pulling what they can re-sell as "designer" and "in demand" dogs.

    My opinion - rescues that operate like that are no better than the dog breeders and dog clubs.

    The true unwanted/dumped animal control stray dog is being left for euthing - courtesy of the money hungry breeders and money hungry rescues. They are doing nothing more than turning their so called "rescue org" into a freakin' money motivated and greed driven pet store.

    It's all vanity under the sun.

    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.


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