Tuesday, April 17, 2012


San Bernardino County Ranked #8 in the ASPCA’s Rachael Ray 100K Challenge.

As an example of the tremendous support the County of San Bernardino received in the primary round of this national competition, the County’s animal shelters ranked 8th out of 103 animal shelters that elected to participate in this life saving effort. This will advance the County to the next round in the competition, where the County plans to place an additional 300 animals into new loving forever homes during a three (3) month period compared to the same time last year.

You have to wonder where the “No-Kill” activists were during this competition. Surely they would support the County in an effort to adopt additional animals and receive additional funds to offer spay/neuter incentives for pets adopted from the County’s animal shelters in Devore, Big Bear and Dogs Day Inn in Apple Valley? Nope. Not one of the activist’s Facebook Pages or websites encouraged people to vote for the County during the competition. In fact the County was criticized by one (1) of the activists for participating. It is mind-boggling to even attempt to understand the activist’s motives as to why they would not want to encourage and support the County in such a positive effort to save animal lives.

Even though the “activists” intend to spew their lies and criticism in a way that discourages people from adopting from the County’s animal shelters, the County is determined to continue to support and advance their efforts to promote responsible pet adoptions.

The best example that can be given as to the way in which the activists support “killing” is the manner in which they remain silent regarding the 74% euthanasia rate at San Bernardino City’s animal shelter. The City euthanized more than 6,000 additional animals in 2011 compared to the County’s three (3) animal shelters during the same time period (County euthanized 7,304 and the City euthanized 13,369 in 2011). The County participated in the challenge and ranked #8 in the nation, the City didn’t even attempt to participate. The County is planning a Mega Pet Adoption Event in June the City doesn’t participate in off-site adoption events.

Again, you have to question their motives. Why not support the County’s life-saving efforts and attempt to help the animals? Why not support such a positive program? Maybe someone could ask the activists and let us know.


  1. If everyone would put aside their personal opinions and agendas image how effective animal welfare advocates could be to reduce the number of homeless pets euthanized. Unfortunately for some, they elected to criticize and condemn instead of working together to help the animals.

  2. Those personal opinions and agendas made this blog necessary, how unfortunate. Someone has to tell the truth because the personal opinions, agendas, unfounded accusations have and do hurt the animals, and this blog was set up to overcome those lies. I do hope you are posting this on some other sites that are the ones doing the damage.

  3. Reason they don't support it is that No Kill has been coopted by the breeders who don't want to admit that spay neuter is an issue. AKC needs their puppy mills to be churning out as many unaltered litters to sell as possible because without the puppy mill registration money, AKC goes broke. So they fastened on to No Kill to try to convince people they aren't breeding too much and being irresposible, so no laws are needed. False!

    No Kill now is about opposing regulations that breeders don't like, like spay neuter laws, breeder licensing, etc.

    It's all turned into a scam, and the animals suffer so the breeders can pretend there is no overpopulation problem. The No Killers just want to get control and make sure breeders don't take responsibility and face laws they don't like, and they'll torture the animals.

    Without animal control laws and increased spaying and neutering, the suffering will go on endlessly but No Kill doesn't care.

  4. Nathan Winograd does give credibility to breeding more, in direct conflict with what the humane community wants or needs.

  5. I agree with the author of this post. You would think the activist would have come out in droves to support this contest for Devore. Instead, the only mentions I saw were condoning Devore's participation. But what would you expect, actually doing something positive for Devore goes against everything they stand for....


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