Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I just received this comment and thought I would share it with you. Does anyone remember how the ADL-LA, who dearly love Nathan Winograd and "No Kill", smoke bombed high rise apartments in LA where the animal control director lived? Families lived there too, children. But these "No Kill" activists didn't care about others. And that the threats from the "No Kill" activists, demonstrations in neighborhoods with children watching, that one animal control director's wife had a heart attack from the stress and he resigned as a result.

This comment wants to know who the Administrator of this blog is so that the Administrator might subject him/herself to this kind of intimidation that is promoted by "No Kill". I do hope the Supervisors see from this why others can't speak up for Devore. This is being sent directly to the Supervisors as well so they can see the type of people that make up the Devore activists. Plus the comment came as anonymous, but accuses the Administrator of the blog? Why didn't this person announce who they are? This is terrorism and the Devore activists are the ones guilty of it.

I don't expect you to print this, because you moderate this so tightly you don't leave room for those with any common sense.

Anyone else find it really odd that the author of this "blog" doesn't have the courage of their convictions to even use their real name? Or identify themselves?

Much like terrorist who wear a mask, hides a bomb in their coat when they go into a building...the ultimate coward.

It's not hard to find your ISP, and we know what city you're in. It won't be long before you will be exposed for the piece of slime you are.

At least the people that you drone on about have the courage to use their real names and stand up to be counted for what they believe in.

If you're so sure of your opinions, your stories, your mindless dribble.... what are you afraid of? What are you hiding?

The funniest thing.....you have been totally baited and fallen for so many things already, it's actually funny to see what you have fallen for. You know the show "punk'd"? We've been leading you around by your nose....and you're too stupid to realize it.

I know one thing, I am not in the least worried about you or your finding any ISP. You might be surprised if you try to do so. And it might mean legal problems if you do so. But I would be tickled if you did. Go for it, see what the outcome will be.


  1. Seriously? Someone saying that you'll soon be exposed for who you really are? That's a "threat"? Wow. I'm just going to bet that the BOS runs to give you massive police protection. Not. I know you won't post this, but I wanted you to read it.


    1. Are you bucking for another cease and desist order, Marilyn? I see that you have already received one for the lies you spew all over the internet.

      And yes, I have been asked to forward these threats and this is a very mild one compared to others, to the BOS. They need to know who they are dealing with, don't they? Keep it up, Marilyn, you make one helluva case against "No Kill". I do hope you read this.

  2. The only thing I can think is maybe the NK peeps get a bonus for each city they successfully get their dog breeder agenda pushed through? (LOL)
    If they are that upset at people exposing them, then that tells me that someone somewhere is fairly worried about losing money. Or perhaps 'more money'.

    Perhaps we are infringing on their bonuses? (ha)

    I wouldn't hesitate to make a handy lit'l police report - just in case the authorities need it later.

  3. Relax, Admin - if they left the comment - once you file a police report, they will track down the IP from blogspot - for their report.

    And I haven't heard about the incident in the high rise?? But it doesn't shock me either - these guys, and gals, are using bully and intimidation tactics all across the nation in animal controls and humane societies.

    The proof is there - look at the shelters that "complied" with their silly demands - they were left alone.

    Then compare those to the shelters that have refused - they are being verbally assaulted every which way to Sunday.

  4. I'm not concerned. The Animal Terrorism Act was a result of those "No Kill" terrorists from LA and their cohorts. I keep the FBI info reporting site handy and use it.

  5. The No Kill terrorists used to be the ADL-LA con artists, but now it is the AKC puppy mill crowd and the hoarders and dog fighters.

    Look up NAIA

    They are supported by Rick Berman

    They represent all kinds of animal torturers for profit, especially puppy mills. These are the kinds of scumbags pushing the No Kill scam. They have been harassing people for years. They even fight with each other.

    Sometimes they hide behind names like "dog owners associations" and names like that, or swindle away in their corrupt kennel clubs or dog fighting afficionado organizations. They are a bunch of sneaky liars and a bunch of tax cheats too

    If you piss them off, you know you are doing something right! Keep on reporting them. These are criminals. They fear being exposed which is why they try to threaten.

    This is Winograd's circle. Winograd encourages violence and threats, just like he encourages animal abuse.


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