Monday, April 23, 2012


Animal activist’s blogs established to spread lies and defame Devore animal shelter and San Bernardino County staff stated last week,

We just received a report from a records requests from County Counsel. It is public record that 130 dogs just flat disappeared from Devore Shelter last year! Vanished into thin air. Odd, because they seem to have the security of Fort Knox: security cameras and barbed wire around the shelter walls. That's a dog missing every few days, ALL YEAR LONG. Additionally, it was reported that 140 dogs died in their cages, again, this seems to be common, almost 3 times a week. Yet there is a vet being paid 120K a year. Can we look into this, Neil Derry? If the family dog goes missing and they look at the shelter.... and Devore staff and management can't explain where the dog went? This is VERY concerning, it's sloppy and unacceptable. Isn't it their job to keep track of the animals they pick up? This is a HUGE number of missing animals.”

We need to set the record straight. A total of thirteen (13) DOGS were found missing from their cages last year, escaped or were stolen. A total of sixty-three (63) puppies and/or dogs died last year, with a majority of those being under age puppies that did not survive. The above statement leads people to believe that hundreds of dogs were stolen or died, which is a lie. The numbers reflected in the activist’s statements are not accurate and we challenge them to produce any document that reflects this number of DOGS that died or were found missing.

The majority of animals that were reported missing were scared and frightened cats and kittens, which was 111. Has anyone ever seen a feral cat escape and scale an 8’ high fence in a heart-beat. The activists would have you believe that is “very concerning.” The same situation occurs at animal shelters that accept every animal delivered to their facility throughout the State of California. In fact, in 2010 shelters in California reported that 4,674 dogs and cats escaped or were stolen from shelters throughout the State. Also, in 2010, 10,002 dogs and cats died of other causes, other than euthanasia, while being housed at shelters throughout the state. The statistics mentioned here can be found on the California State Department of Public Health’s website at:

This is just another example of how the activists are spreading lies and are attempting slander, harass and condemn the staff at the animal shelter. When people spread hurtful, slanderous rumors like these who is served? Maybe the activists can let us know what they hope to accomplish by lying and deceiving others? Then again, isn’t lying and deceit a part of the “No-Kill” movement.


  1. Thank you for creating this blog. The public deserves to know the truth.

    It is easy for these "No Kill" "activists" to sit in front of their computers and spread lies and rumors over the Internet. They, like some children, use the Internet as a tool for cyber bulling, to try to create fear and hysteria, to try and control by using unfounded, emotionally charged rhetoric. They hide behind their anonymity; they think they do not have to be accountable or responsible for what they write or the damage they cause by putting people and animals in danger.

    These "No Kill activists" have their own agenda; they are totally consumed with their own personal vendetta. Like an obsessive compulsive disorder, they are consumed with hatred.

    I hope Supervisors are listening and reading and that they are able to discern the truth.

    I hope Supervisors are beginning to understand the continued, undocumented, serious and vicious attacks on the Devore shelter and the threats made against the staff are forms of harassment, slander, and libel - and should be treated as such.

    "No Kill activists"? A better description would be "No Kill Terrorists"

  2. I agree. If you check around, more and more people are wising up to these terrorists. And that is what they are, terrorists. They have a personal agenda, they follow a cult leader, if it quacks like a duck.......

  3. This is happening all across the Country. The “No-Kill” terrorists continue their attacks to keep the shelter systems in a constant state of flux. By attacking others they attempt to have the community believe the activists are saviors and donate to their PayPal Account NOW to save a life. The reality is they are actually contributing to the number of animals that will be euthanized, by deterring and discouraging people from supporting the shelters in the first place. This is the reason they did not support the shelter in the ASPCA 100K Challenge, why they do not support the shelter's off-site adoption efforts or other positive programs Devore has implemented to save animal lives.

  4. "No Kill" preaches that it takes a community. So how do they involve the community, by tearing the community apart with lies, unfounded accusations, and all for one reason, to serve their Messiah. The Devore activists have told the BOS to read Nathan Winograd's book, he is their Messiah. A man bought and paid for by Rick Berman and breeders. Yet they follow him blindly. They accept his lame excuses for protecting breeders like he did in Tompkins County and that is on record. It is not a coincidence that he left shortly after being exposed for allowing horrid conditions at a puppy mill. His excuse, he was working to reduce the numbers at the puppy mill slowly. Wait, does that mean he left dogs to suffer and die at that mill? Yes, it does. Once again proving that Winograd's heart is not with the animals.

  5. And no where in the NK mantra will you read, hear or see one time where they blame dog breeders for the shelter "killing" as they refer to it as.

    And the only time they even mention dog breeders is to defend them.

    Google "Nathan Winograd Redemption" and "Akc dog breeder" and get comfy.
    Huuuuuuuge red flag that that many dog breeders recommend him - and his book.

  6. I'm waiting on someone with money to sue them - for fraudulently soliciting donations as a non profit group - using this "NK" front when they are full of dog breeders and breeder/animal use allies.

    The law says that non profits cannot intentionally deceive people while soliciting for monetary donations - because that's fraud.

  7. "No Kill" was the answer to the breeder's prayer, why wouldn't they defend them? And these little rescue ladies are nothing more than their pawns. Ruin the shelters so people won't adopt, then they will buy their pets from the breeders. Tell people they will see barrels of dead animals and see how quickly the public runs to the nearest breeder. Winograd never suggests anything to regulate breeding. He knows his cash cow.

  8. And see - the usuals are already spreading the lie on FB -!+Vanished+into+thin+air.+&oq=%E2%80%9CWe+just+received+a+report+from+a+records+requests+from+County+Counsel.+It+is+public+record+that+130+dogs+just+flat+disappeared+from+Devore+Shelter+last+year!+Vanished+into+thin+air.+&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_nf=1&gs_l=serp.12...11028.11028.0.12227.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=fe2819027d67eb6c&biw=1017&bih=502

  9. I just discovered your blog. What a breath of fresh air. I read what the activists are posting and became quite concerned. I went to my local shelter (which is not Devore by the way) and asked some questions. When I asked, "Do animals escape from the shelter" they responded, "Yes, when getting frightened animals, especially cats, out of traps or the trucks,they can get loose and escape". When I asked if animals are stolen, they said, "yes, people come to the shelter (again not Devore) and steal things". When I asked about animals dying in the shelter, they said "Yes. If a mother has puppies or kittens and they die, for any reason other than being put to sleep, they are counted as an animal dying in the animal shelter. Also, they added that older animals that are brought into the shelter, can die of natural causes and are counted as animals dying in the shelter".

    Another thing I found out. There are many other shelters in California that have a much higher kill rate than Devore. Why aren't these shelters being questions and commented upon like they are doing to Devore???

  10. Anon:28, yes I am well aware that the activists are spreading around their lies. Keep in mind that most of those pages are by the same people trying to make it look like there are many, they are only a handful at best.

    Anon:25, what you found out is true. One only has to check the State's Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities to see that every shelter has the same problems. The State recognizes that animals die in their kennels, escape and are stolen because they include those on the report. Just goes to show how very little these activists know about shelter operations.

    In LA, there were "stolen" dogs, made the headlines. Was it a coincidence that this happen shortly after Brenda Barnette issued keys to the kennels to the volunteers? No accounting any more. Before an employee had to open the kennel for a volunteer. A volunteer could then take a dog for a walk and never come back. Barnette, being the "No Killer" she is, blamed the employees. Actually tried to say they were selling the dogs for a profit. Now I ask you how much would someone pay when it is so cheap to adopt from the shelter? And how come it has never been an issue in the past. Did the employees suddenly wake up one morning and decide there is money to be made selling mutts from the shelter? I mean, get real. However, investigations gave them a clean bill. Now I am waiting to see if they discovered it was the volunteers. A week before the dogs were missing, the volunteers were all over the internet spreading lies that the shelter was about to "kill" a bunch of animals, then they come up missing. Duh, even a dunce can figure that one out.

  11. The truth about No Kill

    Reader's Digest, May 2012: 50 secrets your vet won't tell you. Number 18: "I'll let you in on the secret of no-kill shelters:
    We had a contract with our local Humane Society that stated we'd
    euthanize the animals in their care that needed to be put down. One Sunday, they sent us 72 cats to put down. By the end, we were all emotionally devastated."

  12. Truth isn't in NK's vocabulary. These are the same people that tell everyone how much money it will save them by having their community go no-kill. To say that doing more adoptions will result in savings by bringing in more adoption fees, when his shining examples of Austin and Washoe are regularly tossing cats and dogs out the doors for free, is a perfect example of their fairy tales.

    Unfortunately, I think they are focusing on shelters that are making progress like Devore or Hillsborough FL, because they're too lazy to go in and actually do the work needed to fix the worst shelters. It not that they don't have the time if they can post 25 of the same comments on Amy Paulins site tonight, or ASPCA's site that they spammed during the whole Thanksgiving weekend. They just want to tell everyone else how to do the work. It also points to the fact that they could never run shelters anyway, Who would even go to a shelter manned by that kind of rude and obnoxious element that thinks they are going to shout everyone down?

  13. Thank you Jake, as usual you once again use common sense, which is something that these activists are sorely lacking.

    The truth is "No Kill"s enemy and they fight it. They don't want successful shelters to make it without "No Kill". Even though they see that "No Kill" is a miserable failure. They can't look at the facts behind what they call successes. Overcrowding, BOGO sales, and the like are the legacy of "No Kill" and these activists accept that from "No Kill", but not from the non "No Kill" shelters.

    Those following "No Kill" at this point are those who need professional help along with their Messiah.


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