Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Years ago, I was at the Rancho shelter before the hostile takeover, when the County had the contract and an 86% return to owner/adoption rate for dogs. One of the ACOs came up to me, with tears in her eyes and said she had resigned.

I was shocked, this ACO loved her job. I had seen her in action many times and never saw her resort to using a catch pole. Animals seemed to trust her and would come up to her easily enough. I'm sure she did have to use that catch pole at times. One thing about catch poles, they can be tough to watch. Lately the tall tale about the ACO at Dogs Day Inn probably fell into that category. I don't watch when the catch pole is being used. I know it doesn't hurt but there are times when a dog looses it with the catch pole and that is hard for me to watch. So some inexperienced self proclaimed "rescuer" sees this and totally blows it out of proportion.

This ACO was a lovely woman with a family. She explained she had to leave animal control for the sake of her child. Seems he came home one day in tears, didn't want to go back to school. Another kid was saying that the ACO's son had a murderer for a mother, she murdered animals.

The child that tortured the ACO's child probably was the offspring of some of these activists. No child should have to be told something like that and no adult should allow their child to hear their rantings and ravings about the shelter. But this is just in the activists' grand scheme of things. Make life miserable for the "old" regime so they will leave. Then the activists think they will replace the old with their new. In LA City, the activists went into neighborhoods scaring children that lived around animal control officials. They would tell the children that the people who live in that house kill animals. Is this any way to win a battle? Yet the extreme animal rights "No Kill" people have already added this tactic to their arsenal. Whose neighborhood will be next?


  1. It amazes me how people who proclaim to care for animals despise and attack others in this manner. Individuals who work for animal shelters and animal control CARE about the animals. This is why they elected to work with animals. Harassment and negativity only produce additional negativity. How is calling someone a “Killer” going to help the animals?

  2. "Proclaim" is the key word there Anon. Actions speak louder than words in my world.

  3. I'm getting the impression that privatizing as many animal controls and humane societies as they can - is one of their main priorities. Because it's happening way too much across the nation for it to be a coincidence.

    The (No Kill) Ga. Spca's shelter (Suwanee, Ga) supposedly broke with some sort of disease in their facility - all animals are on lock down is what I'm hearing.

  4. Their name calling isn't going to help the animals - but they think it helps "them" and their "agenda".

    And that's really what this "NK" agenda is all about anyhow - "them" (dog breeders, doggie clubs, animal use industries)


    So the NK agendists pick and choose on which cruelty complaints they want to follow up on?

    They don't want to "dilute the issue".



    re Barnette article - in case you haven't read this one.

  7. You would think with all the baggage Barnette had dragging behind her, that LA would have bypassed her. I think the Mayor is drunk on NK and he is part of the plan to privatize.

  8. How many times are you going to tell this story? You say that there must be proof of accusations. Can ou provide proof of this story? Names? Dates?

  9. Of course I can provide proof, I am not like the activists making unfounded accusations and claims.
    Greenwalt, 63, whose Santa Monica home had been vandalized and the word "murderer" spray-painted on his car to protest what activists said were the unacceptable number of dogs and cats put to death in the city's animal shelters, will retire on April 12, Mayor James K. Hahn announced.
    Since June, a core group of activists had waged a relentless, bitter campaign against Greenwalt that had included not only demonstrations at his house, but visits to City Hall, local animal shelters and Hahn's home in San Pedro, with activists carrying pictures of dead dogs.

    Greenwalt was not the only one and this article shows how this went over with neighbors.


  10. And now let's hear how those activists were not the same activists coming after Devore. Wrong again. They all follow the same Messiah. The current wave of activists have admitted to that and even recommended that the BOS read the Messiah's books. They are all cut from the same cloth, all of like mind, and a danger to our society, as well as the shelter animals, in my opinion.

  11. I don't see that the links have anything to do with a story about a "woman with a family."

  12. Well, duh, why would you think you would? Does it not say she told me. She didn't make the news like the director of LA City did. Ticked you off that I could prove what I said, didn't it? Good.

  13. So, your "proof" is hearsay. You say that the person who reported about the ACO at Dogs Day Inn throwing dogs into the truck made it up because there's no "proof", but we're supposed to accept your oft-repeated story about an unnamed ACO without the same "proof" that you are demanding from those who disagree with your position?

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  15. HEARSAY - RUMOR, NOT BASED ON PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE. Sorry that you failed to learn in school, but this is not hearsay, it is personal knowledge, told to me directly, will stand up in court. Plus there was no evidence to be collected, no kind of accusations to press charges, just a conversation between friends. Dogs Day is totally different, accusations were made that can cost someone a job. Maybe that someone has a family, has children to support, just like the ACO who told me about her incident. Have you thought that you are hurting this man's children with false accusations? Of course not because you activists can't comprehend the damages you are doing period. Whereas there was no proof of anything at Dogs Day whereas there was the ability to collect proof and nothing was done. Therefore, IT NEVER HAPPENED. When the accuser could have gotten a name from a badge, when the accuser could have taken pictures, NOTHING. That person is a liar, and you are defending a liar. What does that make you?

  16. "So the NK agendists pick and choose on which cruelty complaints they want to follow up on?"

    They protect the puppy mills and the dog fighters.

    Which is why, if you have No Kill breeders protecting their puppy mill brethren, report the mills and dog fighters to a national source and expose them!

  17. Well here is some hearsay (satire of course).

    If someone posted that a wedding photographer in the San Diego area was actually an ex-porn star or a realtor / activist in Rancho Camonga was a 'swinger' and enjoyed 'gangbangs', or if one of the main people interested in small breed dogs was really a tranvestite, would that make any of it true? Well, if you follow the mantra of these 'activist' it must be true, it was posted on the internet.

    Facts are facts, and you can do what most criminal attorneys try to do in high profile cases. Just keep throwing shit against the wall and hope that something will stick. The problem is the shit stinks and does nothing for getting at the truth.

    FACT: San Bernardino County has dedicated funds for the improvement of the animal shelter.
    FACT: The Devore Animal Shelter meets or exceeds the minimum standards set by California.
    FACT: The Devore Animal Shelter is below the national standard for euthanasia (which makes it above the national average for live releases (thats adoptions, claimed by owners, etc.))
    FACT: The Devore Shelter meets the open to the public access hours put in place by the Hayden Bill, even though the state refuses to pay their obligation for these extra hours of operation.
    FACT: San Bernardino County operates off site adoption events on a near weekly basis, even though there is no requirement of law to do so.

    Terrorist lies:
    1. Animals freeze at devore
    2. Devore kills animals from all of the other shelters in San Bernardino County
    3. Devore refuses to work with any rescue groups
    4. Devore refuses to provide any medical care to the animals

    and the lies just keep continuing.....

  18. My question is would they even recognize the truth if it bit them in the ass. I don't think they have an idea about truth. Thus far, I have seen no evidence to support anything they have said. If they have evidence, then put it up here. I guarantee that I will investigate it and present the truth, whether it be in Devore's favor or not. This blog is to get to the truth, and if it be the truth of the activist, then I will publish it after investigating. And the activists have been challenged to come here and they aren't except to threaten me and call me bad names. I don't publish those comments.


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