Thursday, April 5, 2012


The Central California SPCA (CCSPCA) has served notice to the City and County of Fresno California that they will need to locate another animal control services provider by October 1 of this year. This will end a fifty year relationship between the non-profit CCSPCA and the City and County. The move comes after animal activists have threatened and tormented CCSPCA staff and Board members and criticized the organization’s 63% euthanasia rate. CCSPCA Executive Director Linda Van Kirk stated, “Our Board is comprised of local citizen volunteers who are dedicated to our society’s animal protection mission and who are not interested in public policy debates.” A newspaper article printed on March 28, 2012 can be viewed at the following link:

You need to note here, that San Bernardino County animal shelters in Devore, Big Bear Lake and Dog’s Day Inn facility in Apple Valley averaged a 45% euthanasia rate last year which is below the estimated national average of a 50% euthanasia rate for municipal shelters. The CCSPCA handled approximately 47,000 dogs and cats last year and now the City and County will have to determine who will provide services to this massive number of unwanted pets. The sad reality is the No-Kill activists could care less what happens to the 47,000 animals. The City and County will be forced to build a temporary animal shelter to house this large number of animals and hire government employees at a significantly greater rate of pay to perform the same services the CCSPCA provided for decades. We hope Fresno City and County officials have set aside tens of millions of dollars to build the new animal shelter facility, provide funding to establish the temporary facility, and increase the annual costs of operations for providing the same services previously offered by CCSPCA.

One of the main reasons why CCSPCA Board decided to cancel their existing contract was the No-Kill activists attempted to take over the organization’s Board meetings. The activists would keep the Board members in session for hours on end, until the late hours of the evening, and the Board was unable to function effectively. CCSPCA being a non-profit organization elected to close their Board meetings to the general public which enraged the activists. Now we have the situation in San Bernardino County in which the County is proposing an animal advisory commission. The No-Kill activists are supportive of the commission so they can use similar tactics to threaten and harass appointed Commissioners and County staff. We have to wonder if the Commission proposed by San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will be any more effective than the Board of Directors was at CCSPCA?

It appears the tax-payers in the City and County of Fresno are getting ready to feel the financial impacts of the No-Kill activists. Hopefully they have set aside the resources to ensure success as they cater to the whims of the animal rights extremists. For some reason, we do not believe this is the case.


  1. It saddens me to think that the 47,000 animals that were served by the SPCA will now be displaced and most likely will live in substandard conditions while the City and County attempt to figure out what they will do in the interim. We all know that temporary shelters are less than ideal and where is the City and County going to find the money to fix this problem? The same situation exists at most shelters today and without sufficient funding various facilities are literally set-up for failure. This story is repeating itself at shelters across the Country and hopefully wise minds do not allow themselves to be placed in similar situations.

  2. Forty nine municipalities were left without animal control and housing when the Delaware County SPCA decided they wanted to go "No Kill". I ask you where is the humanity in placing those animals in jeopardy? When they have to euthanize the animals because of not having any space, then the "No Kill"ers will again stand up to cram "No Kill" down the throats of those cities and counties. "My way or no way" says Nathan Winograd and he cares not for the many animals he has to step on to get his way, he leaves a trail of death.

  3. More worries for Fresno.

    City Manager Lou Martinez told CBS47 on Thursday that the city held an account that was used to collect donations to help the shelter pay its bills. But after the city's former finance director was gone, employees discovered the account was $18,000 short.

    Martinez says receipts show all of the money was spent on legitimate animal services. Now, the city is asking Moreno to pay the money back even though she claims she wasn't the person writing the checks.

  4. Look up Rick Berman. This lobbyist for breeders and animal torturers for profit is what is funding No Kill. No Kill is a scam so that breeders can avoid taking responsibility for the overpopulation problem they play a significant role in. Plus, they are wild tax cheats because they lobby against breeder licensing, so they aren't even contributing financially to the care of the shelter pets.

    The animals suffers so breeders can avoid laws and make more money.

    The best thing in the world is for the spcas and the rest to drop animal control contracts so they can't be assassinated by the No Kill breeders. Let the No Kill breeders have to deal with public accountability and pay for their crimes. The spcas can concentrate on doing the right thing for animals without the puppy mill breeders dominating them.

  5. To the spammer, your comments are ridiculous and won't be posted here. As for the "No Kill"ers taking over the meetings, well, that happened and has been reported by several others who were there and not board members.


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