Thursday, April 26, 2012


I found this on the No Kill Southern CA facebook page this morning. You think that these people actually care about the shelter animals, this says no they don't. Considering that most shelters are almost always, if not always, in need of additional funding, how does this particular fool think the shelters can install all those programs that the activists want if those same activists are calling for stopping the money for those programs. Can you see that these activists don't want to help the shelter animals or they would be asking you to donate to the shelters? Recently for the $100,000 challenge, I found one listing about it on the activist's pages. They could have made a difference for Devore if all the friends listed on their pages had voted. But they don't want Devore to win, they don't want the additional money that can only help the shelter animals. They don't want Devore to be successful and save lives. It is not a part of their hidden agenda to take over Devore for their own vices.

Is there no end to their hatefulness of the shelter animals? They make unfounded accusations that push the public away from shelters and that hurts and kills the shelter animals. They ask that you don't donate to shelters that are forced to euthanize because of pet overpopulation because they don't believe there is a pet overpopulation. Hey, activists, your hatred for the shelter animals is showing loud and clear.

Do you donate to shelters that kill animals? Yes, the animals need your help, but there is a simple way your donation can help them even more! Add a note to every donation that you would prefer to donate to a shelter that is innovative enough to get their live release rate up to over 90%. You are supporting them. They will listen. :-) NO KILL! NO KILL! NO KILL! ~ Together we CAN!

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  1. The activists have advanced similar attacks against one of the non-profit organizations that support San Bernardino County animal shelters. They have lied and misled donors to believe that money is spent on stuffed animals and incentive items instead of other programs. They draw conclusions with only partial information and then slander everyone involved. The intent is to discourage people from donating to actually help the animals. This way if donations decline, they hope euthanasia will increase. Attack, criticize and condemn is the “No-Kill” mantra.

  2. Thanks Anon, you reminded me of a post I meant to do and haven't yet. I do have the rebuttal for those accusations against AARF, just need to get them posted. And of course, the activists have lied again. Do they even know the truth, would they know the truth if it bit them in the A**? I doubt it.

  3. Look for that post on or about May 15th when the new figures are released from the 990.


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