Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The kennels located at Devore are indoor/outdoor kennels with sub-floor heating. Every kennel has sub-floor heating and canine guests are provided with custom made resting platforms if they should elect to rest above the heated kennel floor. Outside kennels also reduce disease outbreaks. The dogs get fresh air, there is a misting system for the summer, and the dogs can watch the outside rather than looking at four walls.

This facility is designed utilizing a trench drain system in the kennel buildings which require the use of septic pumps to pump the animal waste from the kennels and into the municipal septic system. We have found that canine guests will shred cloth material or bedding if provided to them during their stay at the shelter. If a canine guest ingests cloth blankets or bedding, this can harm the animal. In addition, if the canine guest shreds the bedding and the bedding clogs or damages the septic pumps animal waste could be discharged back into the kennels which could create an additional hazard for our canine residents. Yet these activists want those blankets in the kennels even at those risks.

A variety of organizations have toured and visited the County's animal shelter facility in Devore, including the County's Grand Jury, District Attorney's Office, various non-profit Humane Society's and even representatives from the Humane Society of the United States. All organizations have stated that we comply with State laws pertaining to the operation of a municipal animal shelter facility and the County's Grand Jury even issued a "commendation" pertaining to improvements and enhancements made to this facility. Even a rep from Best Friends saw Devore in a positive light.

Regarding volunteers, during the previous fiscal year over 4,000 volunteer hours were provided at the County's animal shelter facility located in Devore exclusively, not including volunteer hours provided to support our organization's forty-eight (48) off-site pet adoption events provided each year or other volunteer programs. The County utilizes "work release" volunteers at this facility to limit liability and maximize efficiency and productivity. These activists want to volunteer, but who would want such people as a volunteer? They express hostility toward the staff and they think they would be of service in the shelter? All they want to do is get in there so they can continue their dirty work of condemning Devore. Plus I wouldn't trust them to not do something to an animal in order to blame Devore.

Recently a reporter for Channel 4 came to Devore at the request of these activists. It ended up being against what the reporter was told. The reporter said that the kennels at Devore were warmer than he kept his house. Plus he said that Devore is one of the cleanest shelters he has ever been in. Needless to say, another loss for those activists.

More truth forthcoming.


  1. Along this same line, I know for a fact that a major organization, one that the fanatical activists love and adore, has recently visited Devore. They issued a glowing report about their visit. I can't divulge the name of this organization because of fear of retribution from these fanatics. Isn't that a shame that we have to live in fear because of the zealots?

  2. A friend just sent me this blog and I am so excited about it. Yes, I do know about those wacko activists, I don't even want to call them that, and the rest of us don't want to go on FB because of them. Plus we don't want them demonstrating at our homes either. So this is great, a place where all of us can come and share our experiences at Devore. Could Devore be better? Of course, but only with funding. They do a darn good job with what they are given to do with. I've only gotten a couple of cats out of Devore that were sick but Devore was medicating them and gave me medicine to continue. I have nothing but good things to say about Devore and I wish these activists would see the error of their ways and that they are the ones now responsible if deaths go up in Devore.

  3. Does anybody really know, What is it that this activist want? Or they do not have anything better to do. I know that for
    some of them, there is no way in hell there is somebody home waiting for them. With the exception of their rescues, or I should say captives.


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