Friday, January 13, 2012


Recently there was a piece going around about another ACO from SBACC who was being praised for her compassion. I've never met a SBACC ACO that wasn't compassionate and caring. Well, here is another and I, for one, want to thank her for being there for these people.

Animal control officer does the job

Shelly Price, officer at San Bernardino Animal Control is worth her weight in gold.

Living just off Wildwood Canyon Road, residents have their heartstrings torn out on a regular basis. Despicable, unkind residents dump their animals at our back doors, supposedly trying to beat the cost of adoption.

This past week our whole neighborhood joined in a supreme effort to catch a very small mother terrier and her even tinier daughter. They were scared to death of us and mother dog was courageously protecting her baby from us and was committed to doing so to the very end.

What to do? I remembered that I had Shelly Price’s phone number as she is the Animal Control Officer in our area. She quickly responded and was at my door to help. Not being able to get close enough, with mother dog on the defensive, Shelly returned to her facility for a cage. My thoughts were that a cage would never work with both of them barking and running from us.

A few minutes later Shelly returned to my front door saying, “I got them; mother hopped in the cage as soon as I put it down.” It was such a relief to everyone as darkness was approaching, weather forecast below freezing for the night. Need I mention the coyotes would be out in full force any moment?

Shelly Price saved our day temporarily. Now we are appealing to our fellow residents for help. These tiny, sweet, white/tan creatures now have their yearly shots and are now ready for adoption at Devore Animal Shelter. They are both females, mama may be about 12 pounds, daughter around 7-8 pounds and totally devoted to each other. Should you work, they would have companionship until you arrive home. Believe me, they are very cute!

As you will agree, they deserve a nice, warm, loving home to start the new year off right and they will give back your love 10 times over.

Both are in cage #44 at Devore Shelter, waiting to be rescued. Devore can’t hold them forever, so if you call 887-8055, tell the attendant on duty that “they may possibly be adopted,” a call will be made to you before their demise, giving you time to act quickly.

As for me, I now have my third abandoned animal and I am loving every second I spend with her.

Please join me by allowing these little pups to bring even more joy into your lives and in doing so, fight animal cruelty. Remember, time is of the essence; don’t waste a second calling 887-8055. Go to 19777 Shelter Way, Devore, located just below where the 15 and 215 meet. Open most days at 10 a.m. Please help.

Jackie Kinnel



  1. The County of San Bernardino is fortunate to have such caring ACO's work for them to help serve the people and animals in their community. It is truly a crime when such caring individuals are harrassed and vilified. You can barely imagine some of the things these caring individuals have been called. When will the critics realize that they will accomplish more by help the shelter, instead of condemning it.

    1. One can say they are totally clueless to their role in all of this and how it affects our shelter animals.

  2. Listen up all you condemning activists, this is the kind of thing that will bring people into Devore, not your accusations. Even if these doggies get adopted, people will read this story and have a smile, a warm place for the shelter animals. The picture that you are painting is doing just the opposite and it pushes people away. Change your agenda and then you can expect change.


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