Thursday, January 12, 2012


Contrary to the "activists" on a Facebook page and another disgusting blog proclaiming that ABC is going to do a story on Devore, it ain't so. Contacting ABC News has assured the Administrator that there is nothing being done to submit a story for airing. And neither are they planning to do so.

The standard line was given to the activists, "Thanks for calling, if you have information send it to the general email address and we'll take a look at it." So these activists with a general email address, in their usual manner of distorting things, took that to mean there would be a story.

The activists have already bombed once before about getting a story with NBC Channel 4. The Channel 4 reporter came to Devore and said it was the cleanest shelter. Plus he added that the kennels were as warm as his house.

The only story that ABC would do is how the activists are misguided and Devore would come out smelling like a rose. I do wish they would do that story and maybe someone will let ABC know there is a much bigger story. And that story would be about how misguided activists are turning people away from shelters with lies and unproven accusations. Be worried, you activists, this may turn on you like a snake and bite you.


  1. I did write to ABC and told them the better story is how these cultists are keeping people away from the shelters and causing pets to die. Let's see which story gets picked up. Surely ABC will require some proof of these accusations and so far, I've not seen these cultists presenting any evidence.

  2. That's the whole point, they offer no evidence. Some pictures but those aren't evidence without a vet's report to go along. If they had evidence, it would be all over the internet. I suggest writing ABC as a supporter of Devore, I have already, and tell ABC the better story is one of these activists driving people away from adopting with their wild tales.


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