Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, just barely have been running for 4 days and already getting comments. You're only seeing the good ones, for the rest, they were trashed. However, the good comments are out in front anyway.

Give the blog a few days to get things together for posts. It doesn't want to overwhelm you with posts but will try to post at least once every 2-4 days. Anyone that wants to publish is welcome as well. Write a piece with a title and send it a a comment, if appropriate, it will be published. I invite any official to also offer posts for the blog.

BTW, as usual the negative comments were full of accusation but no proof, no offer of proof, nothing. Any comment that does present proof is subject to being investigated as far as that proof goes. In other words, a vet report, the vet would be contacted, etc. Pictures are not proof. Pictures along with a vet's report have credibility.

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