Saturday, January 21, 2012


Here is an email that was received awhile back. The pictures of these dogs are not included on this post but they were included in the email.

Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2011 6:16 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Rescued Dogs need Rescuing Again!!!

This is an emergency situation in L.A., CA!!!!! The dogs in the photos and many more, have been incarcerated at a boarding facility in the L.A. area for three or four months and they've lost hope! They were pulled from Devore Shelter by a well-intentioned rescuer, who got in over her head. Please look at the photos and the "Smilebox" and see the rest of their sad story!!!

Imagine ending up at Devore Shelter. Then being pulled by some kind person who promises to help you find a home. Imagine still being in a boarding facility three and four months later. These dogs ar suffering -- some are under a vet's care for being nearly starved to death! Some have fared better than others. Many are hungry and all have had little or no human contact for months and need to get out of this terrible situation immediately. These dogs are trusting us to help them. If every rescue who reads this appeal can help save even one dog, the emergency would be over!

The original rescuer has relinquished the dogs to English John, who has taken the responsibility of saving them, despite the fact he had nothing to do with pulling them. He says he will transport the dogs ANYWHERE to a good rescue and happy future!

Please take a look at the slide show on Smilebox (below) and see if there's anyone you can help -- please don't turn away from the longing in those beautiful faces!! All these dogs want is a warm, loving home with people to care for them! Right now, they're lost and lonely and in desperate need of help from the rescue community. Won't you help them, today, please?

Is this what you want for the Devore dogs?


  1. Are you serious? This actually happened? You mean that these activists took the dogs out and left them to die somewhere? Not blaming all the activists, of course, but it makes one stop and think, what are they doing? What kind of people do they attract that would do such a thing? I don't know about this.

  2. The problem with many of the well intentioned rescue organizations is they will accept animals that have significant behavioral and medical problems, with no viable financial means to fulfill their commitment to those animals. This is an obvious example of one of those situations. The animals will then be transported or handed off to someone else who may or may not provide for the animal’s needs. Who knows what happens to the tens of thousands of animals that are being transported all across the Country?

  3. I have my doubts that these are well intentioned. I see unstable people as those who follow "No Kill" and when people are unstable their intentions are also unstable and delusional.

    We do know what happens to those transported animals. There are plenty of reports. Some have actually ended up in a "kill" shelter. It is immoral and unethical to bring in more dogs to an area that is still having to euthanize for time and space. But whoever said that "No Kill" is ethical or moral? Not me.

  4. I know for fact, dogs which have been pulled by rescue groups have wound up on many other shelters throughout Calif. How is going from one shelter, being rescued, and then being taken to just another shelter makes sense.

    Someone should do a records request to see how many animals these rescue groups have or are taking from this shelter and then ask the groups where these dogs are.

    I read on another sight they transport these dogs to Oregon, Washington state, and other states, north of California. I just wonder, they still have animal research labs in Canada. How many of these dogs being rescued are actually being sent to these labs for cruel research. How many of these rescuers are raising money to save the animals, raising money to transport these animals to sanctuaries, and then selling the dogs to research labs. I know the economy is bad, but these people are the scum of the scum.

  5. Anon:57 you will be glad to know that Devore realizes the same. Now any dogs that rescues take are microchipped so these dogs will now show when they end up in shelters. If there is a bust for cruelty, these dogs will show.

    There is considerable undercover work going on right now about these transports. There have been some pit bulls to end up in dog fighting rings in Idaho, Oregon, and WA. We know these transports are wrong, taking homes from the local shelter animals where the transports end up. Unethical, immoral, but then again that is the way of "No Kill".

  6. I don't think people should throw out the baby with the bathwater. I don't know about all of the above, but like everything else in life, knee-jerk reactions and calling "activists" down because of this is not part of the solution. First of all "activists" has a negative connotation to it. There are many of us in North America just trying to find forever homes for abandoned pets. Along with that many of us are trying to educate the public to not breed, and not to buy pets from breeders/home breeders etc. Adopt a rescue first. I know many people who are also advocates for stopping pet abuse. So as I first said, typical media hype. I have no doubt there are some unscrupulous transports but again, I also know of transports who have transported dogs to their forever homes. So perhaps if we all just cared a little more for each other and all animals we could stop this bickering between "Kill" and "No Kill". Drama is not going to save the dogs lives, neither is smashing each other going to do any good. Let's all be part of the solution, let's put our energies into that. I know I am. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind.

    1. Beautifully written, I agree. I think there are good points on both sides, people need to investigate, educate and not jump on the proverbial band wagon regarding any phase of animal welfare that is bashing and turning what should be a group effort into a 3 ring circus. The focus is taken off the dog and moved to the hype of the situation and does no one and especially the animals, any good at all.

  7. Anon:58 I also do a lot of wishful thinking but that doesn't solve the problem. What you don't grasp is that there are a lot of those unscrupulous people out there, much more than you are acknowledging. And those people make us all look bad, they leave a bad taste in the mouths of those officials we are trying to get to help by providing funds. They caused unnecessary suffering for the animals.

    So you come here preaching to the one who is trying to stop this unnecessary suffering. You are preaching to one that know the harm being done and is trying to stop it. I don't really see you as part of the solution, I really see you as part of the problem because I think you are in denial. As soon as I see this post on the pages and blog of these nasty activists, then I might feel differently. Until then, the drama will continue against irresponsible, irrational activists who are doing more harm than good.

  8. Anon, I have no problem with these activists ranting and raving BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. I don't care what they do BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. If they have proof of their accusations, fine. This blog is not so much to cover up anything at Devore that might be wrong, but rather it wants to correct whatever is wrong with the right information.

    I have invited the activists to come here and present their evidence. I want to see it. I want to put it before Brian Cronin myself. I have always found Cronin to be totally in the corner of the animals. He is a good manager as well, he knows his limitations with the BOS. I completely believe in his ability and his commitment to the animals. When he has responded to my questions, he refers to the animals at the shelter as "guests". Now that is creating a positive image that would encourage people to go to the shelter and adopt a "guest".

    Back to the activists. They are doing much more harm than good. You see on this very blog that some of these activists harmed the very animals they took from Devore, left them to starve. Now they could have been charged for this and you may ask why they weren't. Because of the charged atmosphere of the situation, not wanting the filing of charges to be used to further condemn Devore. Publicity and not good publicity. Someone was thinking of the animals with that decision. The problem is that these people are still out there, doing the same thing, because they got away with it. I was not happy with that decision but I don't go all over Facebook ranting about it either. I expressed myself BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

    It is immoral and unethical for these activists to continue the way they are doing, condemning, lies, unfounded accusation, distortion of the truth. They are giving a bad taste to the very ones that hold the purse strings. And when that happens the shelter will lose. The BOS has been more that generous with the economy, I can't say how good they have been. This is turning them off, not on. Derry is making a play that's all it is. He is a good man, I don't blame him, but this is election time, is it not?

  9. Another thought, I am not the least bit worried about any of these accusations either and if I were presented with the truth via credible evidence, I would be the first one on Cronin's neck and he knows that. That is the purpose of this blog to get to the answers. Now if the activists don't like the answers, that is their problem.


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