Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Once again Devore is under attack about a Shar Pei that was euthanized. A group is claiming that it was euthanized when they had a hold on it for rescue. Below is the official response.

The dog was impounded to the shelter on 1-3-12, the intake condition was aggressive. It was held for owner redemption thru 1-8-12. No owner came forward.
On 1-5-12 there was a notation on the kennel record that the dog must be picked by rescue on the review date (1-8-12)
On 1-9-12, a Shar-Pai rescue (memo lists as Pei People Inc.) called the shelter about the dog and left an area code 888 phone number for contact.
On 1-10-12 the shelter tried to contact the Shar-Pai rescue group and the phone number went to a fax machine. The shelter was unable to make contact.
On 1-11-12, with no rescue having come for the dog and with no owner having been located, the dog was euthanized, as the shelter does not knowingly adopt out aggressive dogs to the public.

Doug Smith
Supervising Animal Control Officer-II
Shelter Services
Animal Care and Control
909-887-8055 - Shelter
909-887-7519 - Fax - Website

Now this appears to be one of those cases where the rescue was taking advantage, leaving this dog in Devore like it was a private boarding kennel. The rescue contacted Devore on the 9th, six days after impoundment but the dog wasn't euthanized until the 12th. Do the math. This group is in Lake Forest, does it take three days to drive to Devore from Lake Forest?

As for the fax number, yes, indeed, these links show that they do give out their fax number regularly. Even at that, why didn't they check up on that dog themselves knowing the time schedule?

AND JACK RUSSELL TERRIER - Pei People Shar Pei Rescue

Pei People Shar Pei Rescue. Adoption Questionnaire. Email info@peipeople.
com FAX (888) PEI-3225. Thanks for your interest in adopting a rescued pet. ...

- 2 - Pei People Shar Pei Rescue

Email FAX (888) PEI-3225. Thanks for ... other shelters or
rescue groups, and Pei People has no control over how these pets are placed. ...
This is clearly a case of a dog dying because of a "rescue" group. They knew it was there, they were supposed to pick it up and didn't. Shame on them, not on Devore.


  1. Thank you for that. I saw this online and wondered myself. Makes sense. If you want the dog, get it out, don't let it sit there. When you do that, another dog has to die to keep that room for yours. These people are delusional if they think they are saving lives like that.

  2. This situation happens almost every day at shelters across Southern California. Non-profit rescue groups place holds on animals, which they never intend to pick-up. This results in shelter over-crowding and truly adoptable pets being euthanized. Since this dog had shown aggression and was being held for a rescue group who never claimed the dog, I wonder how many truly adoptable dogs were killed because the rescue group failed this animal. Just another example of how a select number of rescue organizations are causing an even greater number of animals to be killed. If the shelters are filled with aggressive dogs who will never be adopted, because the rescue groups place holds on all of the aggressive dogs, then the shelters are forced to kill the truly adoptable pets.


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