Friday, December 30, 2011


Back during the summer, the internet was hot with announcing that the Riverside shelter was having to euthanize a thousand dogs because they were overcrowded. One example of an email:

Please rescue dogs out of Riverside County Shelter located at 6851 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92504
They have over 1000 animals and will begin mass euthanasia on Wed, July 13th in an effort to try and reduce to only 300 animals.
Call Sue Zucker at 951-232-7727 for information on what dogs, cats, and other critters need out and also for ease in rescuing. Sue can help you at her office so that you do not need to deal with the regular cashier line, etc.
If you go in person, ask for Sue Zucker. She's the one to deal with if you are rescue. She'll help you in her office.

Another example of this "rumor" getting out of hand via the internet:

Friday, July 15, 2011

1,000 Dogs and Cats Up For Adoption in Riverside California, or They Will Be Euthanized

Folks. This. Is. Your. Chance. To. Do. Something. For. Shelter. Animals.

Go here. Get on a plane, get your dog or cat. Or give, and make it possible for a rescue to pull a dog or cat. Due to overcrowding, Riverside California is euthanizing (already begun) a staggering 1,000 animals.

Who's to blame? We can thank stupid movies that picture dogs that can talk, or celebs that carry around dogs like accessories, sheeple, and those looking to make a quick buck. And let's not forgot people who adopted a dog, bought a dog, and then disposed of them like trash.

Please, act now. Go get your dog or cat. I did it with Mr. Wiggins (from a gassing shelter in Louisiana) and have never regretted it. He's such a light in my life I cannot imagine not being with him.

All breeds and mixes are available.

The story link is now offline but the story has been saved.

"This week, they faced another kind of rush: a flood of calls and emails from the animal rescue community responding to rumors of "mass euthanasia."

"For Welsh, the flurry of misinformation is frustrating because it could discourage rescue groups from working with the county shelter, he said. He noted that despite numerous calls and emails claiming urgency, only a handful of rescuers have arranged to pick up animals.

"It hasn't equated to people knocking down our doors looking to help us," he said."

Here is an example of what happens when you cry wolf once too often. Note how this urgent plea refers to how no one is coming forward. You fill the rescues with these urgent pleas, there's no more room, and now shut down. I note on one Facebook page of the Devore activists the number of small dogs, those least in danger of being euthanized. Easy to rescue these little guys, much harder to pull the large dogs, the pit bulls, the ones in real danger of being euthanized.



These types of rumors are detrimental to the shelters yet these actions and others are being leveled at Devore constantly. Have these activists seen people flocking to Devore and emptying out the kennels and cages? What about when you stand outside of Devore with hateful signs, do you think you are serving the shelter animals by turning away the public? This blog is devoted to showing many things, one of which is how these misguided self proclaimed animal activists are doing much more harm than Devore could ever do to the animals.

It is one thing to make accusations with credible evidence but quite another to make accusations without credible evidence and voice those accusations to the public. This kills animals, it doesn't help them.


  1. Finally somebody with common sence.

  2. The creator of this blog writes: "This blog is intended to establish facts and truths about SBACC." One fact is that SBACC in Devore networks with 90 different rescues. Although not all the animals are spayed and neutered when they leave the shelter, the rescues must present proof that all animals have been spayed or neutered or their ability to pull animals from the shelter will be denied. Not all shelters verify that the animals pulled from shelters by rescues have been spayed or neutered. That means the rescue can adopt the animal to a new home without being spayed or neutered, and that animal can end up reproducing. I would think most rescues would like this aspect of working with Devore as it shows accountability.

  3. Here's another one for the rumor mill that kills.

  4. OMG!!! Am I happy to see this!! I am so sick of those cultists degrading the Devore shelter. I am one of the approved rescues and never have I seen any thing closely related to the accusations being made by these cultists. I didn't want to make comments because I don't want these fanatics coming to my door. Actually, I think of them as terrorists.

    Now we have a place to voice ourselves without having to worry about these lunatics that are trying to take over Devore. Thanks and you will be hearing from me again.

  5. I saw this link on the Real Friends Facebook last night. I too am thankful for getting this opportunity to comment anonymously about Devore. After seeing the remarks from the non friends of Devore, I didn't want to go onto the Real Friends page. I pulled from Devore and have for years. Once in a great while I might see something that I report to them. And everytime that something was corrected before I was out the front door. I do know that when these activists had their demonstration in front of Devore, the adoptions that day went down. Devore averages about 20 adoptions on Saturdays and when the demonstration was held, those adoptions dropped in half for a Saturday. So these activists literally caused more deaths in Devore with their actions. That is not what we should be doing. Instead, those same activists, with all the friends listed on their FB pages, could clear Devore out if they would just step up. Thanks again for starting this and I am looking forward to seeing only the positive things about Devore that we can spread to the public. Getting the public into the shelters will solve the problem, not condemning the shelters to the public.

  6. Rescuer, I couldn't agree more. I too pull from Devore and as much as I am there, I don't see these things. The blanket issue is such a joke. I read one comment that someone who is in shelters "all the time" has never seen a dog chew up a blanket. Now I say BS on that one. I can't keep blankets for my rescues, they do chew them. And I forked out almost $2000 when a dog ingested part of a blanket. Sure I provide the comforts like beds, etc. but I have to watch the new dogs like a hawk to make sure nothing happens. So in a shelter, this can be a serious problem. What if the dog goes down during the night from ingesting part of a blanket? No one is there, the dog suffers and maybe dies. These activists just don't use common sense, it appears.

  7. Rumors can kill, and so can emotional emails.
    Do emails talking about all the animals being killed help solve the problem or do they create more problems?

    For example, does a negative email talking about mass killing encourage the general public to come to the shelter to adopt?

    Or, for some rescues, a negative email causes the rescues to panic and feel sorry for the animals. The rescue loads up their van with 30 - 50 dogs and ends up hoarding them because they have no where to take them.

    Or,for some rescues, a negative email causes them to panic and feel sorry for the animals so they end up transporting or brokering out animals to who knows where; no one knows what is happening to them. Is that helping animals or causing suffering?

    I know some rescues that have pulled from Devore, but it is after they have received a call from the shelter staff regarding an adoptable dog or cat. The staff has been polite, not pushy or making you feel guilty because you are already full and can not take any more animals. The staff gives information about the dog or cat, its personality, its behavior, any history of being around other animals or children. The staff has been very knowledgeable - and that helps animals.

    When some rescues get one of these emotional emails that all these animals are going to die, they do not even open the email. They delete it. You might say by deleting the email, they are not helping animals. But rather than having to read all the depressing words, they would much rather speak with the shelter staff.

  8. We have a case where these activists took out dogs and left them in a boarding kennel, left them. The dogs became emaciated and sick. Then out comes an email, with the pictures of the dogs with their Devore impound numbers, begging rescues to take them. Orange County animal control failed to bring charges against these activists and they should have. I do have the email that was sent. Wonder how many of the current activists are doing the same?

  9. Someone told me to tell my story about Buddy.
    Buddy is my best friend! I adopted him from the Devore shelter two years ago.

    When I talked about adopting a dog, someone said to go to the shelter. I heard so many things about shelters, I was not sure I wanted to adopt from them. Much easier to pick one out at Petco or PetSmart so you do not have to face the reality of how there are too many animals. But off I go to the shelter.

    I was very surprised with the cleanliness of the kennels. The animals seemed well cared for.
    And the staff was helpful.

    I am really glad I went to the shelter and I am really glad Buddy and I found each other!

  10. To Administrator,
    Not too long ago there was an article published in The Sun newspaper because animal rights activists said animals were freezing on the cement. I think the activists told the reporter that one dog had frostbite on his ears.

    If this newspaper story is not accurate, then it is an example of how rumors can kill; who would want to take their dog to a shelter where it freezes; someone might think - better to dump it - maybe someone will pick it up.

    I would be interested in seeing the shelter response to these allegations by the animal rights activists.

  11. Question, I will post the official response shortly but I can give you hints about it. I have not seen any proof of this accusation. One vet, I heard but have not seen this, said in his educated opinion it was frostbite but he had never seen frostbite before. This begs the question, were any tests run to see if this was something other than frostbite? Another question would be when did that dog come into Devore and how long was it there? The shelter vet examined the pictures and stated it was not frostbite.

    I do know that Devore has heated floors and can bring the dogs inside during really bad weather for additional heat and refuge from the outside. That along with the kind of weather we have here, kinda makes one question a diagnosis of frostbite.

    Yes, people would see these types of allegations and choose to dump rather than surrender at the shelter. That is more inhumane, abandoning a dog. I saw one dog that was abandoned and was tracking the owner down the road. They can smell the owner and they will try to track, leading them, of course, onto the highway to be killed. What if the first lick doesn't do the job, they lay there waiting for another car to kill them. How inhumane is that? And that is what happens when these activists condemn the shelters, they push not only the adopters away but those needing to surrender their pets. It supports abandonment.

  12. Question, the official response is the latest post. Thank you for your question.

  13. Leidy, this ain't Memphis and those things aren't happening at Devore. You and your friends are nothing but liars, who have failed to prove one damn thing you accuse Devore of. Stuff it, Leidy. You have to prove what you say and you can't. That's the issue, proof, and you terrorists have none.

  14. Funny you should use the term "terrorist" in describing these people. I saw a post where one of them wanted to 'blow the place up, of course after we removed all of the animals, and just left the workers". Sounds like a terrorist threat to me. I saw on another post where they were upset that law enforcement paid them a visit after a threatening post.

    They love to threaten, but fail to really help the animals. A poor take on the world we live in today.

    1. I would certainly appreciate a cut and paste or something on those links you saw. This would be a good time to show the Board of Supervisors. If you would like, you can make it Not for Publication and I will keep it off this blog.

    2. Here is another prime example:

      From: Chance Found [mailto:chancefoundation@...]
      Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2012 7:23 PM
      To: Amanda Fouraker
      Subject: $650 + TO DIE!! SADIE 1yr Happy Lab/Ret female A527466 Devore Shelter CA


      SOS this Puppy SADIE A527466 could be euthanized after hours tonight, PULLER THERE NOW e-mail cherylmeyer@... and amandafphoto@..., you can also call me 310 774 0055, she ahs $650 + on her, she's very sweet, "rescue only" as one of the 4 dogs brought in, scratched some woman (not Sadie) so all were put into quarantine. This poor puppy is to die for something she never did, not even a scratch she's SWEET!! Call Devore 909 887 8055 x 0 DON'T LET HER DIE!!! E-mail dsmith@... the supervisor

      SADIE- ID#A527466
      I am a female, black and white Labrador Retriever mix.

      The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 6 months old.

      I have been at the shelter since May 22, 2012.

      This information is less than 1 hour old.

      Just another lie posted by a rescue group. In this case the Chance Foundation.

      Really, they raised "$650+", will be getting the dog from free from the shelter, are saying the dog will die, etc....
      Here's an idea, adopt the dog, use part of the money you raised (???) to board the dog or, since the rescues have such wonderful connections in Canada, pay to transport to them....

      Just more rumors about the shelter, causing people not to want to go there and adopt; in reality causing more dogs to be euthanized because of these types of rumors.

      Maybe we should all be calling and emailing the rescues that post this crap. Maybe then the rumors will stop and the lies will end....

  15. Here is another example of 'activists' spreading lies and rumors:

    From: Lisa Robertt
    3 dogs have no issues, but they are killing them 4 space

    waiting by euth rm now is britta, charmer and boom boom
    libby gets killed at noon for being fearful, pls call devore to stop thisholocaust for space...there are pledges to be pulled for rescue or else.contactcherylmeyer@...
    and call devore to get them out of the euth rm hurry

    Hi everyone - We WILL have a puller @ Devore AT 1:00 - Devore is packed!! Please let me know if you can save any of these sweet dogs and cats. We have transport to San Diego today . Please email all impound #s to me (cherylmeyer@...) and call Devore to make sure they stay safe 909-887-8055, ext. 0. Thank you - CherylPledges are always welcome to save these dogs & cats! MANY W/PLEDGES PLUS PULL FOR THE VET ON MOND
    I know for fact, Devore does not put dogs in or near the euth room. They are left in their kennels, hoping that someone will come in at the last moment and want to adopt. just more lies they keep spreading.
    And notice how they always keep throwing in "Pledges are always welcome..." Just throwing a shelter, who they are claiming to want to help, under the bus and raising money at the shelters (and the animals, who they are also claiming to help) expense.

  16. They always emphasize those pledges. I know also that Devore does not keep pets in the euthanasia room. But they need a good story, brings in more money.

  17. I know this much is true. The Devore shelter is a wonderful place staffed by caring and humane people. How do I know this? I have met them at adoption events, dealt with them in my own attempt to help animals found injured or lost on the street and worked with them at various emergencies that have arisen over the last 20 years that I have lived in San Bernardino. Now my experience with many rescues has been such....they sell animals. They do not care if they are vaccinated, spayed or neutered or really even if they stay in their homes. I have responded to "green sheet" ads for 25 dollars ( when I call the prospective person seeking to get rid of their pet says "Oh, he's really free") and found that the person has gotten their dog from a local rescue within the last month and now doesn't want to keep it. One girl I met claimed to do rescue..when I ran into her again she told me she ended up coming under investigation for hoarding animals in her unheated/airconditioned garage in cages while running her rescue. She did this all while seeking donations over the internet. So when you ask me what I know about the Devore shelter and the care they give to lost and injured animlas I say... God save me and my animals from a rescue....send me to the shelter at least there I know I have a chance of making it home or finding a better one.


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