Wednesday, November 28, 2012


To learn this is so discouraging. A post was on this blog at the beginning about Devore shelter dogs being abandoned in a boarding kennel. Left to starve with most being emaciated when finally found. The administrator of this blog received the emails about these dogs and has them on file.

Imagine ending up at Devore Shelter. Then being pulled by some kind person who promises to help you find a home. Imagine still being in a boarding facility three and four months later. These dogs ar suffering -- some are under a vet's care for being nearly starved to death! Some have fared better than others. Many are hungry and all have had little or no human contact for months and need to get out of this terrible situation immediately. These dogs are trusting us to help them. If every rescue who reads this appeal can help save even one dog, the emergency would be over!

Seems Devore isn't the only one, this is happening in other areas and enough so there are groups forming to rescue these forgotten pets.

So No Kill groups pull pets from the shelter, pat themselves on the back, and leave them. This is No Kill, only thinking in terms of "they're alive" and not in terms of their quality of life.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that supports animal welfare.
We are the voice to those animals that have no one to advocate for them.
These animals have been abandoned in boarding facilities, in Houston and surrounding areas.

"It is a side of Animal Rescue few know about - not any more!"

There were 1400 pets taken by "rescue" and no paperwork had been turned in by these "rescues" at the end of the Rachael Ray Challenge. Where are those pets? Are they in boarding kennels, being forgotten? Why didn't the paperwork get submitted? It would have had to be submitted with a vet's report on spay/neuter. Does this mean those "rescues" aren't altering and therefore not submitting paperwork? Those who did not submit their paperwork should not be allowed to take any animals out until they do submit it. Plus they should be probation for a period time afterwards as far as paperwork is concerned for any they are allowed to pull. Stop letting these activists rule the roost, they are doing harm.

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  1. Where are all of those pets???? Did they merely take them from Devore and abandoned them in other 'shelters'? Did they simply take the money raised for these dogs and then kill them????
    I would hope things like that would not be true, but the actions or lack there of says differently... To quote what the rescue say, 'so sad. This did not have to happen.'
    I would end by saying, don't donate to these rescues, donate directly to the shelters. Remember its the shelters who are actually 'rescuing' the dogs from being hit and killed by cars, being injured in other ways, providing veterinary care, etc. The 'rescues' only come to Devore, get them for free (after raising all kinds of money to 'pull' the dogs), then not saying what actually happened to the dogs they have taken. Oh and don't forget, the shelters are the bad guys according to the rescues, but the rescues seem to be the ones causing the pain to the animals.


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