Friday, December 14, 2012


One of the latest rants is about having kennel cards for the guests at Devore. I have no idea what the deal is on this because in all the shelters I have been in, I don't pay attention to a kennel card to any extent. I'm not even sure I could tell you what is on kennel cards in other shelters.

I never have found it to be an inconvenience at Devore to not have a kennel card, I just go ask staff. When I do this, many times front counter staff will refer me to another staff member who may be more familiar with the pet. They tell me things in conversations that could not all fit on a kennel card. So I would have to say that, if anything, kennel cards do more harm than good. Talking with someone, getting their observations and impressions, is much better than reading a very limited amount of info on a kennel card. Plus, it gives you a chance to interact with staff, get to know them, and I enjoy that personal one on one.

I have been in shelters with multiple pets in one kennel and several kennel cards. Which is which? I can see that confusing the public as well. I can see kennel cards as being used to cherry pick, pick and choose, by certain No Kill rescues and activists. They don't want to do the interaction part with staff, would throw off their game plan. I've seen this done before in Rancho Cucamonga when they were experiencing their hostile takeover. Kennel cards were quoted rather than the updated information that can only come with talking with staff.

Devore has outside kennels. Raining, wind, and staff is trying to update a kennel card? Or the kennel card gets wet or blows away? My suggestion is to just go to the front desk and inquire about a pet, you will learn much more about it than from a kennel card.

I can't see why these people don't wise up and spend their energies helping animals instead of finding petty things to complain about because they have been unable to find anything substantial to complain about Devore.


  1. I agree, I only look briefly at the kennel cards and certainly don't make any decisions from it before talking with staff. Don't they realize that Devore has outside kennels, not exactly conditions for blowing kennel cards getting wet in the rain. I guess these activists think using staff time for these cards is good when these activists should be thinking of ways for staff to spend more time with the animals instead. My question is do any of these complainers ever go into shelters? Then why do they come up with the things they come up with if they actually do go to shelters. My experience says they are doing more harm than good with these types of complaints.

  2. Just read fromthe no kill playbook.

    One of the things it recommends is to frustrate the staff and management. Imagine someone (an activist) coming to the shelter and moving or re-moving kennel cards, then complaining about a situation they created.

    I have stood at the counter and listened to the staff have to spend minutes (when I say minutes, I mean 15-20 minutes) on a single call, going thru what seems like each and every animal in the shelter. Now I am only hearing one side of the conversation, but it seems like the callers are just verifying how 'long' an animal will be at the shelter. I kept hearing the staff say, that dog has a networkers name listed thru (date). Other calls I have had to wait on were 'networkers' calling, listing their names on animals that just came in that day or the day before. When sitting in the lobby, I heard one of workers make the comment the 'networkers' list their names, then call for extensions making the statement 'they just became aware of that animal' then no one ever showing up.

    One time I commented to the staff after one of these calls, the caller must really love animals and asked how many the caller has adopted? I was told the caller was from the east coast and has never been to the shelter.

    Now I ask, how does posting kennel cards help this???

    Now tell me

  3. Good comment, Anon:54 And I too have heard and seen the same. See how these activists are actually doing harm? They are so clueless as to their role in causing animals to die. They are the culprits, not Devore, not Doug Smith.

    If you notice these silly petitions they start, the writer of these petitions are always from far, far away.

    1. Lets see. They live far away (in many cases other states away), have never been to the shelter, make wild accusations, tell bold face lies, and yet not having any facts or direct observations, are experts on the subject of the shelter.

      They just don't realize how much actual damage they are doing. Or do they??? If they make the shelter sound so terrible, the public won't come to get an animal. Then they can direct the public to THEIR rescue groups, who charge hundreds of dollars for the same animals they get from the shelter for free...... Who says they are not in it for a buck....

  4. This is just some information for you and not intended to be posted on your blog. Just some questions and comments, as this is the only way I know to contact you.

    This has nothing to do with this section, but have you seen the shirts regarding the animals and "I died today". If not, here is a link from facebook.

    One thing to notice, first the activist complain about the 'quality' of the photos from the Devore Shelter. Now that Devore has tried something new, they use those new colorful photos on this shirt. And if you read thru the facebook posting from the person selling the shirts, they clearly say any profits go to make more shirts. Nothing to help the animals.

    Thank you for your time and I enjoy reading your blog.

    Another thing, there is someone (Paul something) that wants to be appointed Sheriff. He has stated if appointed, he would assign a full time deputy to investigate only animal crimes and the animal shelters. You might want to look into this guy as well. He seems to have his priorities out of wack. I thought the sheriff investigate crimes like murder, rape, assault, etc. The Grand Jury investigates Government. And the Grand Jury was just thru the Devore Shelter and found nothing wrong.
    Maybe if this guy was serious, he would go after the rescues and transporters who stuff as many animals as they can into a vehicle as they get paid on a per animal charge. Just contact the San Bernardino Humane Society and ask about the vehicle chase they got into with one of these transporters when the transporter had a van full of animals and was seen driving 100+ MPH on the freeway trying to get away from the humane society. Just think of what what would have happened to those animals if they had been involved in an accident at those speeds.

    thanks again for your blog.

    1. He better take a look back, siding with the activists has been the kiss of death so far.

  5. He's bucking for something, do you expect him to make waves with these activists. His little plan would incur the wrath of many for spending money on "animals" rather than humans.

    Yes, he should investigate these transports, especially the one where the transporter isn't even allowed to pull from shelters she is so bad. I have a blog post on her on this blog.


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