Friday, November 16, 2012


Once again the terrorists have failed a dog and once again are trying to blame it on Devore. This dog, Mary as they are calling her, came into Devore on 11/9/12. The dog was aggressive and was held until 11/15/12 with no improvement in the aggression. The "rescues" were notified of this dog being urgent/aggressive on the day after impound. NONE CAME FORWARD. This is the official response to my inquiry.

On 11-9-12 a field officer impounded A544639, a tan terrier approx. 2yrs old, with a review date of 11-15-12,  the condition of this animal was “aggressive” and no vaccinations were given. This terrier was named “rescue only” the following morning 11-10 during the morning inventory when his aggressive behavior was noticed by shelter staff thereby alerting the rescue groups that monitor our website and pet harbor that this dogs status was urgent and required a rescue group to pull.  A544639 was evaluated daily and continued to growl and bare teeth when approached.  On 11-15-12 at 11:54am,  with no rescue group “hold” nor any memo stating that a rescue group was interested this terrier was euthanized.

Still the terrorist network is picking this up as if they were innocent. They are the ones that caused Mary to lose her life and they are feeling the guilt. Anytime you see these people talking about a pet dying in Devore, remember, they could have gotten it out, they choose not to. If Mary died, it is on their hands.


  1. This is the season for “animal activists” to advance outlandish and absurd accusations to mislead individuals in an effort to heighten fund raising efforts. Most people feel very generous at this time of year and if the activists can sensationalize their fund-raising appeal donations skyrocket. It would not surprise me if many Facebook pages will be filled with lies and slanderous statements made against animal shelters across the Country at this time of year.

  2. It's already started. HSUS was on the ground during Hurricane Sandy, No Kill was no where to be found except on the internet condemning HSUS for asking for donations for this relief effort.

  3. It is a common and growing game by the no kill rescues at least here. Have seen it myself. They "rescue" the fuzzy wuzzies many times from out side of jurisdiction with much fanfare. Adopt fuzzy wuzzies at same outlets the local shelter is trying to use and in direct competition. Many of the fuzzy wuzzies are kittens or puppies too young to be fixed but no matter their adoption numbers look great. About every two months or so they post a "chip in" for a dog or cat with minor medical issues to keep the donations going and the perception they are saving in need animals. They ignore long term residents of the shelter with issues which they know they cannot adopt. We know they know the problem dogs are there as they post in the same circle of friends on facebook as the shelter does. Then guess who screams the most if one has to be killed. You guessed it the rescue group.


Remember no accusations without proof. Rant if you will, it won't be published.