Sunday, October 11, 2015


Transporting of pets has become the biggest scam to hit the humane community. The movement of No Kill has created a new type of rescue, the Saviors. These types are given credibility by No Kill with the call of saving them all, quality of life be damned. The founder of No Kill himself, states the pets would be better off on the streets.

"The last place an animal advocate should wish an animal to end up, including those animals who live on the streets, is the local shelter. Life on the street is safer than a stay in an animal shelter." Nathan Winograd, March 12th, 2013

In steps the Saviors, pulling dogs from the shelters, and no accountability. Recently a man was arrested for raping dogs, dogs that he got from networking online. Dogs that were transported to him, no checks, no nothing, just get those dogs from the shelter and dump them on whoever will take them, including this rapist. The drama queen advocate over at the City shelter stated online that she had almost 300 mutual friends with this dog rapist. Can't help but wonder if she played a role in his acquisitions. 

Here is another example of these transports. 

"The encounter was familiar to police and animal control authorities, who say a multistate, lucrative network of questionable and illegal dog sales runs a pipeline of puppies from the South to the Northeast.
Dog sellers present the canines with heart-tugging tales of Southern kill shelters. They also describe residents of the South as uninterested in preventing unwanted puppies through regular spaying and neutering.
This is big money: at $300 per dog, a rescue operation that does not give the animals proper medical attention or humane transport conditions can make $420,000 a year for 1,400 dogs, said Raymond Connors, an animal control officer for the state.
"It's a multimillion-dollar industry," he said."

A million dollar industry that nets almost nothing for our shelters and for the most part, costs our taxpayers. 

And here is how many of those are carried. Do you think they receive potty breaks along the way? 

We are told that other areas are desperate for these transports. Really? I think not. Most are begging California to stop these transports, especially Canada. It is an unregulated business that is harmful to the animals and to areas still suffering a pet overpopulation problem, a problem that No Kill followers deny. Thus they can justify their actions to their conscious, if they have one. 

"It was basically an unregulated industry, and anyone could do it," Connors said. "We saw people setting up in parking lots or strip malls and adopting dogs out for $300. Now, when animals are imported into the state of Connecticut, the person needs to be licensed with the Department of Agriculture, and they need to have an agent in the state." 

Contact your officials at the State level and ask them to take on this issue. Regulate at the very least these unscrupulous grifters who think they are heros. Save our shelter pets, please, from these people.

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