Wednesday, October 21, 2015


For the past couple of years, the No Kill movement led by Nathan Winograd and No Kill Nation, have been in a condemnation campaign against PeTA. PeTA is standing alone on many fronts, TNR and pit bulls mainly.

The Huffington Post is enabling Winograd to pen poison articles about PeTA in his usual fashion of distorting the truth. Another came on the scene backing Winograd and No Kill Nation, Douglas Anthony Cooper, with scathing articles in the Huffington Post, articles with no credibility. 

When PeTA was accused of stealing a dog and euthanizing it, No Kill made all kinds of accusations when in truth they were supporting the irresponsible dog owner. PeTA was never charged with anything. Within a day of learning of the incident, No Kill Nation wrote a letter to Sam Simon, creator of the Simpsons, trying to get his money. Sam Simon has always been a supporter of PeTA, a major player in Los Angeles for spay/neuter, and he was on his deathbed when No Kill Nation wrote that inappropriate letter to him appealing for him to leave them his money. 

All this conniving by No Kill and No Kill Nation turned on them. It appears that their hatred for PeTA has driven followers from them and donations for PeTA rose while theirs fell. This does not include Sam Simon's estate.

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