Sunday, October 18, 2015


The Inland Empire has suffered more deaths by pit bulls than any region in the country. We need to honor those victims on October 24th with a moment of silence. is set to raise awareness of the social and financial costs of pit bull attacks. The initiative, sponsored by Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education and Awareness, seeks to call attention to the scope and severity of this urgent public safety issue.

“Despite clear evidence that pit bulls are responsible for a substantially disproportionate number of attacks, maimings and deaths, humane groups and tax-payer funded animal shelters continue to encourage the public to adopt pit bulls by specifically promoting them through initiatives like Pit Bull Awareness Month.” According to Clifton’s research, since 2010, 30 pit bulls and 7 bull mastiffs adopted from shelters have killed people.

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  1. The official web address is On the Peta's stance on Pitbull Page, the opinion of Peta is addressed: They urge spay and neutering of pitbulls, and say pitbulls are in crisis, overbred, neglected and abused in dog fighting. They have a great youtube on the page that shows the horrible conditions many pitbulls live in .. Peta urges BSL laws to ban breeding and urge all people to spay and neuter their pitbulls. They call this Breed Specific Protection Laws. Makes sense to me.


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