Sunday, April 13, 2014




    An article needs to be written about this fire and how at a moments notice the shelters (City shelters and County Shelters) can become flooded with evacuated animals.

    The rescues and activists keep asking for extensions on available animals with no one coming to adopt them.

    This fire should serve as a forewarning to the rescues, activist, and others that keeping the shelters at near full capacity when emergencies like this can happen will lead to those animals being 'held for rescue' potentially being euthanized with little to no warning.

    the rescue, activists, and others will post on the web that the shelter 'is having a blood bath'; when they are not even in the area of the shelter, don't know about the current fire conditions (red flag warning, actual fire emergency, etc.) and will continue to post lies about the shelter.
    please write a story.

  2. In your story, please stress California is in a drought and the areas are very subsebtable to wild fires. You may want to use the OLD FIRE and GRAND PRIX fire from several years ago, how many days those fires went out, how many people died, how many homes were lost, etc.

    The activist think the shelter should just make more room or the evacuees should keep their animals with them. What happens when the evacuees are at work or away from home when the fire breaks out. they cannot get home to get to their pets or possessions and it is up to the animal control officers to enter the fire evacuation area and truly rescue those stranded pets.

    Thank you.

  3. You may also want to reference how Devore tried to alert rescues during a prior fire event and the activists began posting that the shelter itself was on fire. Yet none of them came to the shelter and tried to help. I know, I asked the staff when I saw the posts. I guess if you are out of the state, you can post all of the lies you want about the shelter, but when the chips are down they are no where to be found. Must be nice to throw stones at glass houses from thousands of miles away and feel good about yourself.


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