Sunday, April 13, 2014


Of course not, what a silly question. Yet, on a facebook page of Maria Sanchez, this was in the comments stated by one of her followers. Yes, Maria once again is in the news due to her poor decision making.

Watch the video. Maria resists the officers, wraps her leg around a post even. Totally outrageous behavior for a grown woman. Does this behavior accomplish anything? It got her kicked out of the shelter and then media coverage. Does this help the shelter animals? Hardly, in fact she has done more harm to them. The public is afraid to go to the shelter now because no man wants to put his family in a situation to see such a display. Then the message that Maria sends about all the 'killing' at the shelters, that same man doesn't want to chance his family seeing that 'killing' either. So the man takes his family to the nice Petsmart store on Saturday to adopt instead. Don't think those pets in Petsmart come from our shelters, the 'rescues' in California get plenty of calls for owner surrenders, they pick the best of those calls, and the others, the rejects, end up at the shelter. If you want to do business with a rescue, be sure and ask them if they take animals from the shelter, if they do, the those are the real rescues, not the wannabes using the generic term rescue.

It is one thing to rant and rave about potholes in the street, but quite another when you apply this behavior to shelters where lives are at stake. If anything, no matter how bad a shelter is in your opinion, you should always tell the public how wonderful it is and how wonderful the pets are, so the public will go to adopt. We need to be the cheerleaders for shelters. Then you take your fight behind closed doors. Lives are at stake, let me remind you again. The public has never come running to save shelter pets when the bad comes out, in fact, adoptions for the public will go down. You could have more 'rescues' to come, but it is public adoptions that the shelters depend on.

Maria has displayed poor decision making in the past.

Now the followers of Maria are being told that dogs were 'killed' in retaliation by the shelter. This is based upon the philosophy that she and her followers embrace, No Kill. Their philosophy teaches them that all shelter workers are serial killers of pets, horrible people who awake each morning looking forward to 'killing'. This philosophy has done much more harm than any philosophy ever before in the humane community. Fortunately the truth is coming out on this movement that has destroyed shelters such as Philadelphia and Indianapolis.

It is the wish of this blogger that Maria learn the errors of her way because she has made herself ineffective and harmful to the shelter animals.


  1. I have seen the videos Maria Sanchez posted on line. I really like the one where Maria gets arrested. You really need to see the entire video, not just the snippets the media has posted. You need to see the police officer interacting with Maria from the start where she is doing the filming. You need to see her fake like she is walking out of the shelter and then telling her friends 'get your cameras'. You need to see her then turning and putting on the show for her friends to film and how the police officer had to use reasonable force to place her in handcuffs. You need to see her wrapping her leg around a pole, yelling "I am not resisting!". You need to see her walking thru the lobby and trying to get into a chair as she was being walked out.
    If you asked me, the entire thing was a publicity stunt for Sanchez and will use it to raise more money for herself under the pretense of helping the animals.
    You really need to see the entire videos. It will make you think.....about the truth and how you have been mislead.

  2. I agree, I watched the video completely. It was totally for dramatic value. She planned it basically. All she had to do is turn around and walk out. Then she would have been in good faith when she filed a complaint against the City. She has no credibility.


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