Friday, May 2, 2014




An article needs to be written about this fire and how at a moments notice the shelters (City shelters and County Shelters) can become flooded with evacuated animals.

The rescues and activists keep asking for extensions on available animals with no one coming to adopt them. 

This fire should serve as a forewarning to the rescues, activist, and others that keeping the shelters at near full capacity when emergencies like this can happen will lead to those animals being 'held for rescue' potentially being euthanized with little to no warning.

The rescue, activists, and others will post on the web that the shelter 'is having a blood bath'; when they are not even in the area of the shelter, don't know about the current fire conditions (red flag warning, actual fire emergency, etc.) and will continue to post lies about the shelter.

Please stress California is in a drought and the areas are very prone to wild fires. You may want to use the OLD FIRE and GRAND PRIX fire from several years ago, how many days those fires went out, how many people died, how many homes were lost, etc.

The activists think the shelter should just make more room or the evacuees should keep their animals with them. What happens when the evacuees are at work or away from home when the fire breaks out. they cannot get home to get to their pets or possessions and it is up to the animal control officers to enter the fire evacuation area and truly rescue those stranded pets.

You may also want to reference how Devore tried to alert rescues during a prior fire event and the activists began posting that the shelter itself was on fire. Yet none of them came to the shelter and tried to help. I know, I asked the staff when I saw the posts. I guess if you are out of the state, you can post all of the lies you want about the shelter, but when the chips are down they are no where to be found. Must be nice to throw stones at glass houses from thousands of miles away and feel good about yourselves. 


  1. Being a citizen of Rancho Cucamonga and having lived thru the Grand Prix fire in 2003, the recent Etiwanda fire brought back many memories of the disaster, kaos, and fear of not know if our house had survived or not.

    To put this into perspective, the Etiwanda fire burned 2000+ acres, where the Grand Prix fire burned almost 60,000 acres. Both fires stated near the same locations and both were on RED FLAG days.

    For those of you know do not know what a RED FLAG day is in California, it is when the fire danger is extremely high due to high winds, low humidity, and high temperatures. If you don't get it, a fire will spread very rapidly and the firefighters have little to nothing they can do to stop it or slow it down.

    I remember the second fire that broke out near by, the Old Fire, and how that fire burned up Waterman Canyon, back down to the homes of San Bernardino and Highland, and up nearly to Big Bear. I remember visiting the evacuation center at the Norton Air Force Base and seeing all the residents from Devore, North San Bernardino, North Highland, and the entire mountain communities like Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, and Big Bear. I remember seeing so many people and the look in their eyes of not knowing of their homes survived.

    And since many wont remember, we were out of homes for nearly a month whiel fire fighters were doing their best to stop these fires.

    We were fortunate, we had our dogs and family to stay with. But if were not for animal control, who went in an rescued our dogs from the fire, we would not have been so lucky.

    They did a vital function in an emergency and we are very thankful.

  2. Another story for you:

    People should get the real story, rather than just making it up as they go along.

    Here the story from Angels Bark about a Devore Dog.
    "Jake's story is VERY SAD, if you read you will understand why he is so scared.
    Jake had an owner, he was loved and taken care of but one day everything is changed.
    His owner died suddenly, when animal control came to the house , Jake was guarding his owners body, wouldn't let anyone near. I can not imagine how much he must be scared, not knowing whats going on, not understanding why his owner not waking up and top of everything he is labeled aggressive, this is an one year old puppy who lost his owner, waited for him to wake up, but owner never woke up and next thing he knows, him and all his other canine friends ended up in a very high kill shelter..(I received his story from others, not from shelter, but when I called shelter, they said they know the owner, wouldn't give me more info".

    Now for the truth and it only took a phone call to the shelter.

    I called the shelter and spoke to a supervisor. Here is what I was told.
    The police department was called to the property, but could not get onto the property because of the aggressive dogs loose in the fenced. Once animal control caught the dogs and the police got to the house, they found the owner had been killed by a another person in the house.
    The house was located in a secluded area and the owner just wanted to be left alone from everyone. The dogs were allowed to just run loose on the property to keep people away.
    There is family in the area, but they don't want to have anything to do with the person who was killed or the animals.
    The dogs are showing basic pack type behavior and have not been around anyone but the owner who was killed and the person who killed the owner. This is how they were being raised.

    But what does the truth have to do with it. A rescue will raise more money portraying the dog as a loving family pet, guarding its dead owner, not knowing why the owner won't wake up and then being jailed at a blood thirsty kill factory rather than a dog that was left to fend for itself, living in a feral pack, keeping people away from an owner that did not want anything to do with anyone. And don't forget, keeping the police away, preventing the owner from receiving emergency care and possibly saving the owners life. But like I already said, what does the truth have to do with it???


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