Friday, December 11, 2015


Canada loosened their regulations on importing dogs during the Katrina crisis to help us. But the US has taken advantage of that. Canada has now their previous regulations in place. Are the transporters adhering to that? Nope. Scanning facebook posts, one can see that rescues show no concern for these regulations, no concern for bringing in diseased dogs, no concern for the Canada dogs that die from the taking of homes by imports. They even are tagging dogs as emotional support dogs. Lies, more lies, just so certain people can feed their egos. Many of the transported dogs are ending up in shelters in Canada. Many fall off the face of the earth. 

Less than 8 months of age fall going to another rescue is a commercial category. So false paperwork is done listing foster homes as private adopters. Again, scanning facebook posts, this means that contrary to the public relations done by these transporters/rescues that the dogs have homes waiting for them, the dogs are actually up for grabs. 

Demand regulation of these transports. Actually, demand that they stop. We can't continue to dump onto places that are still euthanizing for time and space. It is immoral and very unethical. 

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