Friday, December 4, 2015


A woman takes a pit bull to a shelter because it has become aggressive and she can't handle it. The shelter turns her away. A shelter's first priority should be the safety of the community, yet this shelter turned away a threat to their community. This is how No Kill works, how No Kill disregards the first priority of shelters and animal control, the first priority of community safety. 

Why did this shelter turn away a vicious pit bull, what did the shelter think this woman would do with that vicious pit bull? What if she had kids at home? 

""Later on Saturday, animal control officers received reports of a roaming pit-bull near Maltby Lake and looked for the animal, but it was too late."

Instead this explanation was offered by a member of law enforcement, of all people. 

“We don’t have the facilities. We don’t have the resources to take all these animals and, especially if someone comes in and says, ‘Hey my dog is vicious.’ That’s not the city’s responsibility to take your dog that was mistrained.” Tamarro said.

Hey, you take the dog and euthanize it. What resources do you need to do that? This is the No Kill mentality. And West Haven Animal Shelter does list itself as No Kill.

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