Monday, August 3, 2015


This blogger is expressing an opinion and has come to believe that specific non-profit organizations do not want to address the lack of funding for Animal Control's programs or services.  Image a world in which Animal Control agencies had sufficient resources to enforce all laws; provide free or heavily subsidized spaying/neutering; provide excellent humane education programs and offer supportive services to animal owners instead of just regulatory actions.

Imagine a world where cats were no longer abandoned and if they were, they were already spay/neutered from existing requirements along with financial aid from Animal Control. All cats would be microchipped for free or low cost via funding provided by Animal Control. No need for TNR if the cat population were reduced via adequate funding for programs to address cat owners.

Bottom line is, if sufficient funding could be obtained for a consistent level of services to truly address or solve pet overpopulation, why would organizations like the ASPCA or HSUS or Alley Cat Allies be needed.  We know of the solution, and it requires sufficient and adequate funding and programming.  The non-profits who benefit from what some will call the "ineffectiveness of Animal Control" will never allow for a consistent Statewide model of funding that would provide enhanced resources and programs to address the issues at hand. To do so would spell the beginning of the end of those organizations. 

Why do you think Hayden continues to be suspended?  Surely by now, HSUS or the ASPCA could have advocated and lobbied the State to fund Hayden if they feel this legislation should be financially supported. The primary reason is, the Hayden paid jurisdictions for those animals that were euthanized after the additional holding period had expired.  The simple fact that jurisdictions were paid for those animals euthanized, caused great concern to the national organizations.  This is why it continues to be suspended, manipulated and misinterpreted.

Until the "funding issue" to support Animal Control is addressed and resolved, those who attack Animal Control will always be able to point to various agencies deficiencies.  Dog license fees need to be replaced with a more accurate and consistent funding model to support programs the public desires. If you don't sit through budget meetings, speak up to officials to support Animal Control, and get involved in the 'politics', then don't complain when your visions don't become reality.

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