Saturday, August 10, 2013


In a court of law, if a witness is paid for his testimony, it is usually not considered credible.

I received a comment under a post about the animal commission.

Witnesses call 323 529 4885
Rewards offered

So how many people will take advantage of this offer and come before the animal commission to lie for that 'reward' money. 

Is this showing ethical behavior? Of course not. In fact it shows that the activists are desperate and will do anything to back themselves. This is despicable behavior for any group. If you haven't already presented your 'evidence', it's because it ain't there. You've had your chance with the Grand Jury, the ABC reporter that was sent without notice, the press. 

This will be reported to the Commission members. They will have it in the back of their minds whenever any of you speak. You have done more to destroy yourselves than this blog could ever do. Give No Killers enough rope and they will hang themselves always. Would it be appropriate for this blogger to thank you at this point?


  1. Now they want to 'buy' witnesses.

    How can I get a piece of the action? How much are they paying? What do I need to say I saw? When do I need to say it?

    Nevermind, I never say anything. Just because I have said I saw something, that make it real.

    Example: I saw them dragging a 300 pound chihuahua from one end of the shelter to another, laughing all of the way. Would that work? I mean, a 300 pound chihuahua would be something to see, right?

    Oh, maybe that not what they wanted.

    How about, I went, I saw, the place was clean, the animals were happy, they looked healthy, the staff was friendly, etc.

    maybe I am not the person they were looking for. You see I don't lie, I tell the truth.

    Where do I get my check?????

    1. Bet with that offer, they could get the homeless in the park to 'witness' for them. I did a reverse lookup on that phone number, mobile phone from LA. Has anyone called it?

  2. It appears this has been placed on other blogs as well. Not a wise move. I do have a name of this person now.


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