Saturday, July 30, 2016


Washington State has become the major dumping ground for pets pulled from Southern California shelters. Look at Olympia Sanctuary, OAS, Devore dogs were left there and when OAS was finally shut down, those dumping rescuers didn't go back for the Devore dogs. 

The Shepherds Way fiasco, actual terrorists as well as a 'sanctuary' where California dogs were dumped. The well known attorney for these less than reputable rescues, Marla Tauscher, sent this poor dog to this place and now she won't do right and get that dog out of that place. 

Now there is another one, another dumping ground for California rescuers/transporters. Outta sight, outta mind is the present day mentality of those following the No Kill movement. It is these people that are causing so much harm to the shelter pets. 

""The reports show Gold dumped 50 dogs at the shelter simply because she had “too many dogs.” She also turned over 18 dogs to JAS for euthanization. Conversely, Furever Homes gets weekly deliveries of dogs indiscriminately pulled from shelters in California or taken off the streets of Mexico. Gold then tries to adopt out the dogs as quickly as possible, usually without a comprehensive medical exam or behavior testing.""

Rescue means taking a pet and providing it with better than it had. Not these days. These people aren't rescuers, they are the ones who make the problems. No KIll is slow kill, ship them to places like the above and forget about them. The state of the humane community is a disgrace these days. 

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  1. You forgot to mention that the dogs were aggressive and the shelter was aware of that as well as the SHEPHERDS Way who claimed they adopted WAR dogs. Fact is So Cal dogs were sent to Washington and bit children.


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