Saturday, May 14, 2016


This piece delves into the cost of an unvaccinated dog that contracts rabies and bites.

When the mobile home residents took the mother dog to Town & Country Animal Hospital, Veterinarian Scott Chapman and other staff members (a total of nine) also were exposed to rabies and had to get expensive shots, for being what Chapman called “good Samaritans.”
Those were claimed at $800 each on insurance, he said; and every staff member also had to be inoculated.
If the shots have to include gamma globulin, he said, the bill increases to about $13,000.
He said some got the shots at PRMC’s lower cost, but at another Kerrville vet clinic, they paid workman’s comp.
“The doctors here had pre-exposure shots and when we were exposed we only had to get two more,” Chapman said.compensation $11,000 for post-rabies exposure shots.

“By comparison, at our area veterinarians’ offices, a pet’s rabies vaccine is about $12,” Chapman stressed.


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