Monday, July 14, 2014


As a rescuer, I place a radius of where I will  adopt. My view is that  you become an extended family member when you adopt out a pet that you have spent  time on. You need to be there for that pet if the family needs something. Pet transports take them away, outta sight and outta mind. But what happens to those pets? And why are they being transported into areas that are still euthanizing for time and space? Why are the receiving 'rescues' taking their own local animals and providing homes?

This article points out that transports are unethical when they are going  into places still having to euthanize for time and  space. There are many horror stories about pet transports, many. Can only make one think, how many more horror stories are out there that have been covered up.

 They even import, by the hundreds, dogs from the United States — one of the wealthiest, most educated, and most powerful nations in the world!

What does that say about us? With all our wealth, education and power, we can't solve a simple problem of pet overpopulation?

They do it with sensational media headlines, television cameras running, frantic pleas sent out via facebook for money, for fosters, for adopters. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Canadian dogs languish in shelters month after month, or are shot in annual culls across northern Canada, or are euthanized by the animal control facilities charged with their care and protection. And no one seems to give a damn. Certainly not the importers bringing truckloads of needy dogs into the country.

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  1. Thank you................. Thank you so much. I am involved in animal rescue in the Vancouver area of British Columbia Canada. I totally understand how hard it must be to see lovely animals being put to death because of over crowding in your shelters. But the dirty little secret in Canada is we shoot dogs. We shoot lots of dogs. Because no one wants them. And they are not all big out of control dogs. They are simply dogs that get to run loose and join packs and chase children.
    I see hundreds of cute little dogs being imported every week to canada. I see them placed in homes with no followup. I see them being given away on craigslist to anyone that will take them. I see them ending up in our shelter so messed up from being shuffled around that they are simply put down.
    The solution is not to farm these dogs out to rescues in the north. It is to educate, make laws that you can enforce and stop backyard breeders and pet stores from selling these animals. While Canada is a country that has always been willing to help, we have our own problems.

  2. Thank you for this post. It's very frustrating at how many of the imported dogs are not properly cared for but are more or less falling into a brokering scheme. They are brought up off the truck, not assessed, not quarantined, not vet-checked once they cross the border and adopted off the truck to the first unassuming individual or family willing to generously open their home. This model of rescuing is ruining the reputation of rescues who strive for matching dogs to appropriate homes in the best case scenario, fully vetted and with a great idea of behavioural issues that may be present.

    1. Thank you, Miranda, for that comment. It is indeed a sorry lot that wants to transport pets rather than put their efforts in preventing those pets from being born.

  3. Have to agree - even as dogs are being rescued from up north in Canada - I am torn - because there are dogs being put down due to lack of homes right in the big cities - take care of your own back yard - is an important motto - how to balance within the country is tough enough. Let's establish as many low cost-high volume spay and neuter clinics - check out Human Alliance - and reduce the number of unwanted, abandoned, neglected pets in Canada - Humane Alliance trains local vets to a very high and efficient standard of spay and neuter. Let's tackle this problem from the front end.


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