Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As reported in the Sun and Press Enterprise, Devore took in 137 dogs from a hoarder in Apple Valley in the past two weeks. This hoarder had gotten a non profit status just two months earlier.

Prior to admission, some rescues came forward to take the adoptable dogs from Devore to make room for these hoarded dogs. Kudos to those who cared enough to help.

But it appears that not all wanted a good ending to this story. A group that pulled several puppies has received HATE MAIL for doing so. Who would begrudge a group from saving lives? Give you two guesses and the first one doesn't count. I would like a count of all those lives saved by the No Kill activists who stand in front of Devore with their signs telling the public to go away. Then to make accusations that Devore refused help? Use your common sense, why would Devore refuse any help offered.

From the group's Facebook page:
All of the Devore puppies are healthy and doing great !!
Which is amazing in consideration what they have been through.
and the amount of time they have spend at the Shelter.

It's obvious that the Devore Shelter keeps the kennels very clean
and has a great sanitation system in place. Only two out of 19 pups
have a mild kennel cough.
... We like to thank the Devore Shelter for their great effort to keep these puppies healthy and alive. It would be nice if people would give this Shelter some credit for a change instead constant criticism and scrutiny. Lets be fair for ones.
In all of this we received a few hate mails, because some people just can't handle it if you take their joy of hate away. Pictures are in circulation on facebook, claiming to be from the hoarding situation. These pictures are false, non of the pictures taken from the scene are released. They are part of the evidence.
Hello, this is just common sense, right!!
Please evaluate carefully what circulates on facebook before you pass it on. Sadly people make up all kinds of stuff.
So many lies are spread. Yesterday someone posted that the HSUS offered help and Devore refused it. They have reached out to everyone. The public like to believe that these large organizations are coming to the rescue right away. This is not always the fact. Often it's the smaller rescues who are
right on the spot. The entire ordeal is a good example and will be a wake up call for many. If we have a good animal welfare system in place now it has the chance to proof itself. If just one dogs out of the group has to die because our big brother turned his back, people need to start to questioning their integrity.
Instead calling the Shelter and giving them a hard time, it would be more effective to place a call or send an email to the larger organizations, ask them where they are and why didn't they showed up last Friday, the day the dogs have been offically released.

A huge thank you to all the people who contacted us to help or like to adopt one of the dogs. As you can imaging an undertaken of this kind is overwhelming. We apologize if we haven't gotten back to you or answer your questions on FB. We'll try to catch up, but
for now the welfare of the puppies and organizing a plan to get some of the adult out has priority. We have things covered in some areas and not in others.
We'll post soon what exactly is needed.

Another post on this same facebook page praises the efforts of Devore.


over 100 dogs confiscated from a hoarding situation waiting of rescue! They only have days to live -- where is rescue???????????

Countable times Devore got bashed in the past. We like to let everyone know that the ACO in charge and his staff went out of their way to reach for help.
This is a HUGE letdown for Devore and proofs that we are fast to cast the stone, but from what we are seeing now we are NOT ENTITLED to do so. 

Rescued for Life went this weekend to California and pulled 19 puppies, the smallest one and most susceptible to disease from the group of over 130 dogs.

Over one hundred dogs will be euthanized if rescue doesn't steps up. A mass euthanization..... and the Shelter is NOT to blame for that -- WE ARE !!

Please share far and wide to stop the huge amount of life to be lost !! Thank you all for caring!

Thank you to this group for saving these lives. Thank you also for acknowledging a shelter that strives beyond the call of duty to do the right thing. Keep us posted on the puppies. 


  1. What???? Devore being praised????

    I have been to this shelter many times and adopted many dogs privately (money out of my own pocket) and found them homes.

    After reading the many stories in the newspapers about these dogs and this shelter, I just had to stop by and see them for myself.

    The entire staff were working their asses off, helping the public and working with rescue groups. I saw guy in charge working so hard with rescue groups his shirt and tie were drenched in sweat.

    I thought how funny, I saw a message the shelter had sent out on Wednesday someone had posted on facebook about the dogs being available on Friday. I saw daily stories in the paper about the dogs starting on that Friday. But when I arrived on Tuesday, the kennels with the hoarding dogs still looked very full.

    I thought, the story about the dogs had been in the paper everyday since Friday and it still looked like rescues didn't bother to show up until Tuesday. So I looked at some rescue pages on the internet, and there were tons of postings about the dogs; 'poor babies','wish I could help', 'someone should do something', but none of the rescue groups were showing up.

    One thing I did notice, even with all of those dogs at the shelter, it was still clean and the animals looked safe and healthy.

    Looks like the rescue groups are just letting Devore hang out to dry on this one.

    I'd be willing to bet, they never show up and then complain that the shelter didn't do enough.

    1. The activists didn't want anyone to take these poor dogs, and they sure didn't come running to help either. Hate mail, can you imagine? Hate mail to those who saved lives. No Kill is the most hateful and destructive movement ever in the humane community.

    2. Really, no rescue groups canes to get any of those dogs? what I read in the paper about some of them going to Sacramento, Upland, etc., was a total lie?
      I have seen No Kill work in San Francisco, San Antonio, England, Germany, etc.
      I know it's a tough job. I know I couldn't do it. I know those jobs only exist because people are not being responsible for their animals. I also know some Devore employees power trip, make rescue groups walk on egg shells, & euthanize animals to "pay back" rescue groups..
      You know what else I know? This comment will never be posted because it doesn't the truth appears to have no place on this site.

    3. Only rescues can adopt the dogs because they aren't fit for the public yet.

      And you haven't seen No Kill work in those places because it isn't working. You need to get your head out of the No Kill blog and actually do some research. No Kill is a miserable failure. San Francisco was never no kill because the SPCA would not take pit bulls from the shelter, it's in the contract, look it up.

      Employee's power trip? Give me a break, the staff at Devore go out of their way for those who deserve it. You obviously don't deserve it if you think that of them. I've stood there and saw first hand the crap given to the staff by "rescue", and often I have "spoken" with those types about their attitude.

      Never would Devore euthanize to "pay back", that is from the minds of warped people. In fact, I know for a fact that those warped minds have taken pictures of pets at Devore rather than taking the pets out, just so they can say things like that when the pets are euthanized.

      Now this blog is the truth, not your perverted friends version. Are you aware your buddies have sent dogs to die abandoned in kennels, to a abuser in GA for fighting, to the Olympic Animal Sanctuary horror show, and you think these people are the salt of the earth? These are the people you are listening to, the ones who sent dogs to horrible conditions just so they can say the things you are repeating.

      When you learn the truth, come back and let us know. Hopefully you will be able to recognize the truth but my guess is that you are too far gone for the truth.

  2. Since this blog posting, I do understand some of the hoarding dogs have been taken by some rescues.

    My question is where are the local rescue groups? I mean, from what I have read, Sacramento drove all the way to Devore, Colorado drove all of the way to Devore. What happened to all of the activists from San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties?

    I mean they are the first to show up at a Board of Supervisors meeting and complain about Devore, but they seem to be less than interested when it actually comes to helping the shelter or saving an animal.

    And don't forget the protests. For that they show up, when it really matters, where are they??

    A a couple of very old sayings my grandparents told me many times growing up are very true here.

    Don't judge a book by its cover and actions speak louder than words.

    The book these activist follow seems to be complain, complain, complain, but as you start reading, you see that there are not actions behind their words. Just a bunch of blank pages.

    For their actions, lets see. Complain to the Board of Supervisors, even though they don't live in San Bernardino County. Protest the shelter, turning people away from adopting.

    I only hope they eventually see the light.

  3. I was at devore a week ago and I asked one of the employees there why the hoarding dogs were still at the shelter, and I thought all these "rescue" groups were going to show up and rescue all of them? The employee told me that the dogs were supposed to be euthanized on july 3rd but because of pressure from activists on Facebook and e-mails to managment they were going to hold the dogs longer. And that because of the pressure from the rescuers they are putting to sleep nice adoptable dogs instead of the sick and aggressive hoarding dogs.
    So it sounds to me like the management of the county animal control are bowing to political pressure instead of looking out for the nice adoptable dogs. And I did end up adopting a wonderful lab mix who is absolutely the best dog. At least I did my part to save a nice dog from being put to death because of hoarding dogs that are being saved for rescuers that never show up.

    1. First, let me thank you for saving a life and it is great that you got a wonderful dog. In fact, if you would like to write about your experience with Devore and your new family member, I would be happy to use it as a post.

      Yes, I understand that these activists do cause other animals to die with their pressuring Devore. There's only so much room, something has to give. Devore went out of their way to promoting these hoarded dogs, had stories all over the country. Yet, these No Kill activists fail to step forward, fail to save lives, and if anything, cause others to love theirs. They aren't about the animals, never have been. They are pawns in a deadly game of a personal vendetta.


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