Monday, February 11, 2013


This blogger campaigns everyday to regulate these transports out of state. There are horror stories galore about these transports. Not even to mention how unethical it is to dump more dogs on areas still having to euthanize for time and space. Just one way that No Kill is forcing themselves onto the rest of us. Those followers of this morbid movement bring in their "product", leaving those in their local shelters, forcing euthanization to rise, and then in steps No Kill on the white horse to save the day. 

This article points out that Oregon doesn't need any more dogs.

"But, more to the point, over the last several years we have become increasingly concerned about the numbers of dogs that your shelters are shipping out of state. We’re concerned because your counties appear to be doing nothing to stem the flow of dog production that is causing this situation. We’re concerned because the dogs are being dumped all over the country with little to no review or evaluation of the shelters and rescues to which they’re being sent. We’re concerned because they are leaving your state in poor health: full of ticks and fleas, intestinal parasites such as giardia and coccidia, and infected with heartworm, parvo, and distemper; they are dogs who have sat in shelters for weeks with untreated injuries ranging from severe scrapes and abrasions to broken legs. We’re concerned because nobody is monitoring the transports as dogs are packed in crates and stuffed into unheated, unventilated vans and driven 16 to 20 hours with no water or potty breaks or food, by uncertified drivers. We’re concerned because the dogs (and cats) arrive dehydrated, ill, un-spayed or -neutered, and carrying new strains of diseases that weren’t previously present up here. And we’re concerned because as small, local rescues and shelters we know that we barely have enough space and resources to help Oregon and Washington dogs let alone the thousands you send out of state each year."

"What we don’t understand is why the folks in California are doing virtually nothing to clean up your problem – instead you seem to be perfectly content to continue shipping dogs to every part of the country: New England, the Mid-West, Canada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington; you name the state or the province, and they’ve likely had several shipments of dogs from California’s major Central and San Joaquin valley shelters: Merced, Modesto, Salinas, Devore, Bakersfield/Kern County, Porterville/Tulare County, Orange County, and Los Angeles (including Lancaster). The word is out that these are now some of the highest “kill” shelters in the country. And the dogs don’t die easy: Often they’re finally killed only after they’ve developed pneumonia, or any one of several other respiratory diseases constantly present in the shelters. Being born in or put into these and a number of other California shelters is a certain death sentence – and that’s why other states are ending up with California’s unwanted dogs and cats."

Note that Devore is mentioned. Our shelters don't have much of a choice with the Hayden in force. Either give the animals to these self proclaimed rescuers or face lawsuits, protests, etc. I call it blackmail myself.

These transports must stop until they are regulated. 

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  1. "What we don’t understand is why the folks in California are doing virtually nothing to clean up your problem – instead you seem to be perfectly content to continue shipping dogs to every part of the country"

    This is easy to answer.

    The breeders in California don't want the puppy mills or dog fighters regulated because they, all those AKC and other breeders, make money off them and get the AKC and all the other breeder activities paid for with that money.

    They don't want breeders licensed or regulated because most of them are tax cheats and/or abusive so they can make more money.

    The breeders don't want to admit they have an overbreeding problem because they need to overbreed to keep making the money and propping up the breeder business.

    So they ship these shelter dogs off like garbage to die off the statistics so they can keep lying and hiding the overbreeding problem.

    Remember those barges in NJ that would just pile on garbage to ship off "somewhere else" instead of dealing with the problem?

    That's what the breeders running No Kill are doing. They think shelter dogs are worthless trash, but the shelter dog plight calls attention to breeder irresponsibility, so breeders just want to ship them off to disappear and die, or get the gullible rescuers to clean up after the breeders.

    This is all about protecting the money interests, and shelter pets pay the price, as well as rescue spending their money and time cleaning up after the breeders.


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