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Another article is out about a horror story from a pet transporter/rescue/hoarder. Since the advent of the No Kill Equation movement, experts are saying that hoarding is on the rise. BUT the biggest rise in hoarding is among those claiming to be No Kill rescues. Ten years ago, rescues made up about 5% of the hoarding cases, at last count, it is up to 25%.

The dogs in this case were taken from the Porterville shelter in California, that one has been confirmed. What other shelters have turned over animals to this person?

Devore and all shelters have a right to turn away these transports in the best interest of the animals. Pets should not be packed up in UHauls for a thousand mile trip or further. If you have 30-50 dogs and only two people in the cab, do you think these dogs are being walked on potty stops?

There are moral and ethical issues as well. Why are transports being done to areas still having to euthanize for time and space? The question should be asked why aren't the people on the receiving end pulling from their local shelters.  Maybe the receiving end is like the Oregon rescue, not allowed to pull from her local shelters because of her reputation. Yet, California gave her all she wanted. What is the difference? The Hayden is the difference. You can thank the Hayden Act for the suffering experienced by these dogs, that along with No Kill.

This blog has several incidents of dogs being transported to worse conditions than a shelter offers. And those dogs were victims of the No Kill Equation movement, the one that the activists/terrorists follow. Several dogs were pulled from Devore, only to have to be rescued from their No Kill rescuers. If they will do this, God only knows what happens to those transported out of state.


  1. I could not agree with you more. I was at a kennel, where I had boarded my 3 dogs while I was out of the country, when one of these transporters was there picking up some dogs. As soon as the transporter overheard my conversation with the kennel operator and figured out I had a few bucks to my name, you'd of thought I was their new best friend. They were more than happy to tell me about how wonderful they were, how many dogs they were rescuing and saving, and how wonderful the lives were going to be for the dogs. But when I got the tour of the truck, it was like a uhaul with an extra AC unit. But with the cages stacked one on the other, when one poops the bottom dog gets rained upon. And by the way the area of the truck where the animals were at did smell like urine and I thought how difficult it must be for the dogs to be stuck in such a stench filled area for hours on end.


    1. What this person says is really true.

      It was beginning to rain. I was at a shelter. A rescue person was putting small carriers in the cab of their truck.

      The back of the truck did not have a cab. Bigger carriers were put in the back of the truck. There was one wire dog crate, partially covered with a blue tarp.

      And this is how the animals were being transported. Right there, in front of the public, in the shelter parking lot. If the rescue has no problem loading animals up in the back of am open bed pick-up truck, in the rain, with little protection, what happens during the summer?

      I could not believe the individuals had no qualms treating animals like this in public and it made me wonder how the animals would be treated once out of the public eye.

      A law should be written to give shelter staff authority to approve or disapprove the method of transportation.

  2. I saw a picture yesterday of a "transport". Stacked up to the ceiling in a windowless van. What if there is a breakdown in the middle of no where? Sun beating down, or freezing cold weather and those dogs have to endure that until help arrives. And then to end up with such a person as the Salem hoarder. Isn't the first time, won't be the last, until these self proclaimed rescuers realize that they are the abusers.

  3. What a thought provoking description: the "self proclaimed rescuers" are "the abusers." Unfortunately, this statement is all too true, particularly in the light of the discomfort the animals are going through during transport and the number of rescues that are hoarding animals.

    Exporting/importing animals has become a lucrative business. No one know for sure how lucrative because of lack of reporting of income.

    Legislators, veterinarians, legitimate animal rescue groups, caring people - the animals need your voice and action! Certainly, there must be a least one person who is willing to take the initiative and start legislation which will oversee the exportation of shelter animals.

    Let's make 2013 the year we come together to work on legislation to demand the proper treatment of animals that are being removed from shelters and exported to who know where.


  4. For the sake of the animals, someone needs to hold these unregulated rescues accountable.


  5. For more on what happens to animals "pulled" by "rescue" organizations, please click on this link:

    The dog was pulled from a shelter by a rescue group. There is now a reward for the "lost dog."

    If this type of "rehoming" is being done by a group, the group should be put on a do not adopt list.

    1. And looking closer, you will notice the name of at least one very outspoken Devore activist.

    2. I have seen these rescue people taking animals from people wanting to do the right thing by turning lost animals into a shelter. I witnessed the staff question the 'rescue' person and the response was either it was the person who brought the dog to the shelter dog or the owner doesn't deserve to get their dog back for letting it run loose.

      Just think, the rescuer gets a dog from a shelter, loses the dog for whatever reason, a person finds the dog and takes it to the correct shelter for the area the where the dog got away from the rescuer, another rescue person intercepts the dog in the parking lot, and takes the dog to who knows were.

      Now the people who are looking for the dog have no idea where the dog could possibly be and for that matter, how it is being treated. Could be just out there roaming and breeding.

      But wait, it was a rescue so that makes everything all right..... yeah, right....

  6. Interesting.
    The rescue condemns both city and county shelters;
    the rescue "pulls" a dog from the shelter;
    and then the rescue loses the dog.

    What a "unique" way to "rehome" animals.
    So much for promising to find a "forever home."
    Sounds like fraud to me.


  7. Here is another true story about a rescue pulling animals from the shelter and what happens to them. The following event began taking place on approximately January 17, 2013.

    A woman named Anita Denton with Arphanage Animal Rescue was recently evicted from West Paw in San Bernardino. She put at least 67 dogs in "crates" - except for the Chihuahuas who were in hamster cages.

    The dogs were put in a UHaul and transported from West Paw to Industrial Avenue in Riverside. Some of the dogs remained in their cages in the UHaul. The other dogs remained in their cages in the parking lot.

    The cages were zipped tied and remained zipped tied for 24 - 48 hours until some Good Samaritans found out about it and, with Ms. Denton's approval, removed the zip ties, gave the dogs food, water and cleaned up the poop and pee.

    Riverside Police Department and Riverside Animal Control responded to a case of possible abandonment.

    Upon scanning the animals, some were found to be microchipped to San Bernardino City Animal Control, Devore Animal Shelter, and a puppy mill in Missouri.

    Let's be clear. The shelter staff is NOT responsible for allowing "rescues" to "pull" these animals and "export" them to parts unknown. Sections of the horrible Hayden bill allow this potential suffering and mistreatment of animals. The Hayden bill needs to be amended to stop promoting unregulated animal rescues from engaging in any more animal cruelty.

    Referring to Ms. Denton and her animal rescue -
    Ms. Denton was not initially on the Industrial Avenue premise when the police department and animal control arrived. She arrived later in a UHaul..containing..cats...

    Reputable rescues have offered to take several animals; they have screened people and sent them to adopt. As is the case with some "animal rescues"/hoarders, Ms. Denton will not release any of the animals.

    For verification, call Riverside Animal Control. A television station has responded. As yet, there are no links to this story in The Sun or Press Enterprise.

  8. I have been waiting for something to link to for that story, I am aware of it.


  9. Does anyone know if someone is caring for the animals?

    How long must animals be neglected, go without food, water, exercise and proper shelter, before they get help?

    1. Let's look at it. Probably no more than two people go on these transports. They haul 20-30 pets. It is a thousand mile trip to Eugene, Oregon, takes about 14-16 hours to drive. Then it is another 6 hours from there to Seattle and even more hours to Canada. Now you know that a dog will want to sniff around on a potty break. Figure 10-15 per dog divided by 2 people. It will take at least 3-4 hours just to do one potty break. Water can't be kept in the cages while moving, so they have to water the dogs too.

      Someone needs to be on the receiving end to document what comes out of those crates or those that may have died.

  10. I've been fostering for 3 years with various rescues some of these people are amazingly Machiavellian too.
    I was currently fostering for labsandfriends and I got two puppies on my own from the SB shelter and they took them under their rescue. We found a home for one and I drove out to Riverside (always on my dime) to deliver it. They then gave me another puppy in LA when I drove up to help at an adoption event. That puppy got so sick and, at the same time, my sister went into the ICU in Virginia and her Drs were telling me she was slipping into a coma. The next day the rescue took the sick puppy to the vet and was insisting I take it back that night. They called 5 times - bullying me about it. I told them each time that I couldn't take a sick puppy as I was leaving the next day for Virginia and my mother was having to watch 3 dogs and my daughter while I was gone. The rescue WOULD NOT pay to put this dog in boarding and told me I HAD to take the puppy back.

    (At this time, the rescue coordinator even had the nerve to tell me she wasn't allowed to take a foster home, her boyfriend wouldn't let her. She could only have two dogs.)

    "Really? Well, I have two plus my own two and a dying sister. So you need to figure this out!" I refused to take the puppy and we had a shouting match over this. I lost my temper and said, "Well, euthanize the puppy then. I don't know what to do... I have a sister who is possibly dying!" (Noting that I JUST had gotten off the phone with the ICU nurse who told me that my sister had a 50/50 chance and they may have to induce a coma and there was NO compassion for that from HER!)
    These women showed no concern for my sister or I, but when I said the quoted statement above were APPALLED and disconnected with me. EXCEPT, I still had the first puppy for that I had picked from SB shelter for over TWO MONTHS now. I kept telling them my one contact left that I needed to get it back to them because my 9 year old was begging to keep him.

    Three months in - We decided to adopt him because little one was completely in love with him.

    They said they won't let me adopt it because of my statement - "put the puppy down then" and


    I tried to explain that to her and she said that I got upset with her "OVER NOTHING" (which of course, is referring to my sister in the ICU and them ORDERING me to take the dog so they can save money and not have to spend it on boarding.- yep. THAT was NOTHING.) Again, I was angry that she shows such a lack of compassion for a sister who is still on oxygen in Virginia...

    So my daughter gets hurt because of this? They have had me drive all over and back to save them money (on my gas dime- spent hundreds on expenses and gave tons of dogs homes and hugs) AND rarely said thank you, but I can take that... I can't take what they have done to my little girl. I refused to turn him over to their boarding kennel. I said, "No. He is ours. I chose him and we raised him." I will send you the application and money- I have cared for so many of your fosters and helped at events and you won't even speak to any of it.
    The rescue group sent the POLICE that night to take the puppy out of my little girls arms. Nice job kind and compassionate dog rescuers!
    They are unable to communicate and have to be the most immense control freaks ever.

    1. Anon, your story is being told all over the country thanks to those No Kill rescuers who think they are Saviors. They dump on the fosters all the time. I'm sorry you went through this.

      However, if you would like to share private information about this rescue, you can mark your comment NOT FOR PUBLICATION. This blog does not use a site meter and does not track IPs so your information can be confidential. Thank you for this example of how fosters are often treated.

  11. Additionally, aren't there limits to how many dogs you can have? When the rescue I was with lost their ability to rescue due to paperwork not up to date, I went and put to dogs in my name and paid for them. When they wanted me to go back again- the shelter had a limit placed on me.


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